Review: Dark Souls (Xbox 360)

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Review: The Entertainment (PC)

Before I begin, I would strongly recommend that you check out The Entertainment for yourself, as it is best experienced knowing as little as possible in advance. That’s actually one of the best things about it: You don’t quite know exactly what it even is when you first make your way to its website. When Cardboard Computer posted a link to it on their Facebook page, one of the commenters simply asked, “Is this a game?”

Like everything else about Kentucky Route Zero, that isn’t an easy question to answer. The website for the “game” resembles the inside cover of a Playbill, with a cast and crew listing and a brief history of the play’s production. As KRZ_logo_0you begin, the scene fades in on a bar, and a conversation between the bartender and his sole customer. One of the first things you notice is that you’re able to rotate the camera around freely, but that is the extent of your movement within the world. During my first playthrough, I spent much of the opening minutes simply immersed in their dialogue and only slightly moved my field of view beyond them (as their speech halts whenever you aren’t looking at them). The lights fade down and back upon again at several points, with other characters appearing and disappearing during the blackouts.

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