My Highly Unlikely – But Still Perfectly Valid – Nintendo Switch Wishlist

When most websites talk about the things they want for an upcoming console, the wishlists tend to be tempered by things that are relatively realistic (and were probably already leaked anyway). To me, that’s not what makes a wishlist a wish list. It should just be whatever you genuinely want, regardless of how plausible or sensible it may be. So, on the eve of Nintendo’s first big Switch information roll-out, I’ve decided to just let my imagination go wild and list all of the things I’d love to hear tomorrow and beyond that would make me happy. Some are believable long shots, others are just plain absurd. But I assure you, they all come from a place of genuine earnestness.


  • Full  free access to download onto the Switch all digital Wii U games already purchased digitally on that system. Especially Virtual Console games.
  • A GameCube Virtual Console – available at launch – with games costing $15 a piece and not taking forever to get to the obvious titles (Mario SunshineTwilight PrincessSSB MeleeMetroid Prime, etc)
  • And on that note, a shift downward in pricing of Virtual Console games from previous generations. Wii can stay at $20, but N64 should be $10, SNES should be $5, and NES should be $3. Come on Nintendo, the NES launched 30 years ago at this point! Urban Champion is not still worth five bucks–not that it ever really was.
  • And on that note, don’t screw up Virtual Console this time. Bring it back up to the level of the original Wii–and of course, surpass it. None of this “Oh, we couldn’t get SNES emulation to work” type of nonsense, either. Have all of that figured out, from day one. No more trickling out of titles, either. We shouldn’t have to start with only Super Mario Bros. and Balloon Fight and be drip-fed new games over the course of the next five years. Get those VC libraries loaded, and loaded quickly, with all of the Nintendo platforms (and more).
  • HD remasters of Wii and GameCube games are fine, but they should not be $60 each (unless it’s a collection of games like all three Metroid Primes or both Mario Galaxy games). And they shouldn’t be in place of cheaper digital versions of the original–we should get both as an option. Side note: If you do Metroid Prime Trilogy HD, implement an option for original non-motion controls as well for the first two.
  • A new Animal Crossing that finally drastically reinvents the AC formula.
  • Online co-op. For all games that have co-op. I appreciate Nintendo’s continued dedication to offline multiplayer–which had better continue on the Switch–but that can exist concurrently with online as well. Let us play the next multiplayer Mario/DKC/Kirby/et al games online and off.
  • Be region-free. For physical releases and digital ones (which means, let us have unrestricted access to other territories’ digital stores for the stuff you don’t release here).
  • If the Switch does eventually supersede the 3DS and becomes the primary Nintendo handheld as well, don’t ditch the unique portable Zelda titles and make nothing but huge, epic 3D Zelda games. Both should still exist.
  • Start getting more involved in making smaller A and AA versions of Nintendo franchises. Maybe there isn’t still an audience for a $60 jet ski game that costs seven figures to make. But if you made a new, modestly-budgeted Wave Race for Switch’s digital store for $15-$20, it would probably sell really well. Ditto for any other franchises that you’ve left dormant for too long because you don’t think they’re worth the risk of a full-priced retail game, like F-ZeroExcitebike1080 SnowboardingMario TennisMario GolfPilotwings, WarioWare, Advance/Battalion Wars, Punch-Out, and so on. That type of thing doesn’t only have to be for Dr. Mario.
  • More video apps! Netflix and Hulu don’t cut it anymore. Give us Amazon Prime, HBO Go, Crackle, Seeso, Crunchyroll, Shudder, as many as possible. Even the obscure ones. You want people to use their Switch tablets instead of their iPads and Fire sticks, you have to have comparable streaming options.
  • Hardly anyone will use it, but offer 4G in addition to WiFi for those that want it for online gaming and streaming on the tablet on the go. And don’t limit it to just one carrier either, if at all possible.
  • Besides a decent battery life for the tablet–a good 4-5 hours of continuous play would be a nice threshold to reach–make its battery easily replaceable, both in literal ease of physically changing it out and also ease of getting a new one. We shouldn’t need to bring it to a special technician to change out the battery, and it should be a battery that we can just go grab from Best Buy.
  • If you absolutely must pull an Xbox One/PlayStation 4/New 3DS and upgrade the hardware at a later date, don’t make certain games incompatible with any previous versions of the Switch. And don’t make them run poorly on old versions, either.
  • Acquire Playtonic Games, the makers of Yooka-Laylee. More people on board to make classic-style 3D platformers like the N64 days to supplement Mario games would be fantastic–remember how many platformers Rare made for N64 when Nintendo only managed to get out one in all those years? Playtonic is more Rare than the real Rare, anyway. They can do spiritual successors to more than just Banjo-Kazooie, too.
  • Speaking of which, go grab David Doak and whomever else is still out there floating around from the Goldeneye/Perfect Dark team. Microsoft has Rare in name, but Nintendo can have them back in talent. While you’re at it, maybe just go ahead and buy the rights to TimeSplitters too. That would be one hell of a Switch exclusive! The other guys can have Halo and Killzone – I’ll go with the system that has TimeSplitters, thank you.
  • Nintendo platforms have become a destination for 90s-style RPGs in the last 5-10 years or so. What better time than now to resurrect Golden Sun and give it a (fairly) modern coat of paint?
  • Now that there is a Nintendo platform that is part home console and part handheld, isn’t it about time we finally get a core Pokemon game for a home console and not just a side-game or spin-off?
  • A new 2D Metroid. Made with pixels and not polygons. End of list, end of story.



Come, I know I’m not the only one with a crazy wish list. Let’s hear yours! .