Castlevania Week: Here Is The Dream Castlevania Game YOU Designed!


By: Chris Hodges, editor-in-chief

What better way to cap off “Castlevania Week” here at the Chi-Scroller than to present the ultimate Castlevania game as it was decided by our readers. We’re all hoping that Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is the Castlevania game we’ve been wanting, and maybe it will be, but there’s still something about having that name and those familiar characters that even the best spiritual successors just can’t quite make up for not having. Be sure to help me in passing this along to Konami so at least we can all say we tried when they completely ignore it.


It will be 2D

A whopping 91% of you want a 2D Castlevania game. That is about as surprising as asking who hates Medusa Heads.


It will be in an anime, hand-drawn style


All of the 2D Castlevania games have been in pixel style so far, and while it has been some of the best pixel art and animation in video game history, it’s probably time for a change. 45% of you thought this should be that change, in that hand-drawn style of games like Guilty Gear and fellow Konami follow-up Hard Corps: Uprising. Surprisingly, 18% of you thought that 2D gameplay on polygonal backgrounds should be the way to go. An interesting thought, but Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate didn’t inspire much confidence in a “2.5D” Castlevania.


It’ll be another “Metroidvania” entry

73% of you want another Castlevania game in the style of Symphony of the Night and the six fantastic GBA and DS games. All of the Metroid- and Castlevania-inspired indie games in the world just can’t quench our thirst for another Castlevania game in that style (especially while Metroid isn’t holding up its end of the term lately, either).


It’ll feature a brand new main character

Very few Castlevania games feature returning protagonists, especially once we got past the Belmont-centric early years of the franchise. 29% of you thought that this tradition should continue. However, rounding out the top choices for existing characters that you’d like to see head up the game are, in descending order, Simon Belmont, Sonia Belmont, Alucard, and Bloodlines‘ John Morris.


There will be multiple playable characters, each with their own separate story

One of the things that people did like about Castlevania 64 was that you could select different playable characters, and their story would play out slightly differently. This is how 45% of you want the new game to be. 36% want to be able to switch between multiple characters at will like in Castlevania III and Portrait of Ruin, while 18% liked the idea of the game forcing you to change characters at predetermined moments as the story dictated.


Dracula will be the main antagonist once again


Despite wanting fresh blood in the hero role, nearly half of you wanted good ol’ Dracula to return as the game’s big bad. The next closest choice, Death, scrounged up only 14% of the votes.


The story will be in the classic series’ canon but not directly tied to an existing game

While Castlevania games occasionally lead directly into each other, they typically exist pretty far apart on the canonical timeline, which is where 64% want this new game to fall as well. Much to my surprise, only 27% of you wanted the game to take place during the long-teased “Demon Castle War” of 1999, where Dracula is supposedly vanquished once and for all.


You’ll be able to play through the main story cooperatively with a friend

64% of you expressed an interest in a co-op mode (under the caveat that its existence have zero negative effect on playing the game solo), and of that group, half wanted it to be part of the main story rather than it being a separate co-op exclusively story (32% went that route) or a largely story-free mode like in Harmony of Despair (as 18% voted for).


If the next game is going to be a remake instead of a truly new game, it should be a remake of the cancelled Dreamcast game Castlevania: Resurrection


Based on the votes, you’d rather Konami go back and remake/finish the Castlevania game they were making for Dreamcast than remake a game they’ve actually released. Of the existing games, the top votes went to Castlevania IICastlevania III, and Kid Dracula.


Here are some of your specific ideas…

I left a blank space at the end for people to just go nuts and write out their ideas outside of what the survey covered. Here are some of the best responses (I only included names if names were included).

“I think the idea would be Galamoth doing a “contingency” plan to wipe Dracula from history and rule the timeline by using his Time Reaper to instead kill Soma Cruz, Dracula’s current incarnation and harvest the soul fragment of Galamoth’s soul in that era to allow Galamoth a temporary entrance to the time stream (reason being is he is currently hiding in his castle which is in a space-timeless void) and begin his quest to usurp him.

Thus during the game, Soma will gain aid from a time traveller( either Aromas or Saint Germain) to enter the Void to prevent Galamoth’s plot wielding his power of dominance to defeat his other enimies inside the castle (Alternate Somacula, Frozen Halves and possibly other alternate areas of castlevania which will show as Galamoth’s way of delaying Soma’s efforts) and at the true ending of the game comes a scene where Soma becomes Dracula completely and clashes Galamoth in his demon form, seeing as he has no choice and Galamoth’s reality-destroying lightning attacks could easily obliterate him if he remained human.

The final scene ends when Galamoth is vanquished and Soma is returned to his own reality and once his friends find him(for reasons I do not know) he talks with them and has a secret conversation with Arikado, telling him that he knows Arikado is his son, etc. and a time traveller stands idle commenting that the battle of time has concluded.” -Anonymous


“It would be cool if it had a few more RPG elements, like Order of Ecclesia.” – VGJ2008


“Lots of fun items; weapons, armor, accessories, etc. Unique/rare and special ones, joke weapons or item combination effects. I loved finding everything in csotn and solving puzzles to find hidden areas.” -Jared Landry


“The prog metal theme allows the players to feel the scary Dracula theme like you think he is coming to get you but it’s Death instead.” -Anonymous


“Other playable heros from the Castlevania series after beating the main story.” -Anonymous


“It would be neat if the main bad guy was reviving friends and foes from the past that died to fight for him.” – Anonymous


If you’d like to add anything to this Frankenstein’s monster of a Castlevania game we’re building, share in the comments!



One thought on “Castlevania Week: Here Is The Dream Castlevania Game YOU Designed!

  1. The people have spoken and have chosen well. Seriously, all I could want is another 2D Metroidvania. They can make it however they want with whatever characters they want. I’m just hungry for that game again, especially within the Castlevania franchise. Guess I’d better just get Bloodstained when it comes out.

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