Poll: Pick the Best Console Controllers of All Time [CLOSED]

I thought it was about time we try to get a handle on what were the best console controllers ever made. We’re sticking with first-party, “default” controllers for this list, meaning that they were bundled with the hardware at some point as that console’s main, official controller. I only included controllers from multiple regions if there was a major difference beyond just cosmetic or very minor physical changes. As usual, feel free to write in your favorite if it isn’t on this list, and I won’t forbid the inclusion of non-default controllers like the Wavebird or the Wii U Pro Controller and will consider them if they get enough votes–let’s just stick with first-party stuff (and controllers that were made for more than just a couple games) in order to keep things manageable, eh? If you do write something in, try and describe it as best you can (or better yet, link a picture of it or website about it) so I know exactly which one you’re talking about.


[Sorry, but the poll is now closed. Click here to see the resulting top 10.]