The Results Are In! Your Favorite Childhood Summer Gaming Memory Is…


Playing portable systems on family vacations

Cake by the ocean? I’ll take Zelda on the beach.

It seems that most of you associate your childhood summers with having your Game Boy/Game Gear/TurboExpress/etc in tow on long family car rides. And we’re not talking the Candy Crush-type nonsense that passes for “portable gaming” these days. Those of us of a certain age had the luxury of being immersed in games like Link’s Awakening (considered by some to be the best 2D Zelda)Micro Machines 2 (two players with only one Game Gear!),  and an arcade-perfect version of Street Fighter II (thanks TurboExpress) while we ignored whatever beautiful landmark our parents were trying in vain to get us to enjoy. What’s that junior? You can’t play Minecraft in the car because there’s no WiFi? Boo hoo. Grab my Game Boy Advance, be quiet, and play some real games.


Runner up: Make big dents in RPGs and/or other lengthy solo games

I don’t care what kind of “grinding” you kids today are doing – I guarantee it isn’t as satisfying as this.

Oh the weather outside is sunny
And the beach is full of honeys
But Zeromus keeps tearing me up
Level up, level up, level up!

Sure, as kids we still had plenty of free time even during the school year, but there was always homework to do, dishes to clean, and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to watch. It was hard to find long, uninterrupted stretches of time with which to grind in an RPG or play through all of Kid Chameleon without warping. Instead of spending those long summer days getting sweaty and attacked by bugs, why not just sit in our nice air-conditioned house and play video games for 5-10 hour stretches while sucking down Ecto Coolers. Wait what? Ecto Cooler is back? Excuse me, I have to go. I have a date with a pack of juice boxes, my Offspring tape, and Phantasy Star IV