Here is the Grand Theft Auto Sequel YOU Designed!

By: Chris Hodges, editor-in-chief


Last week, I proposed a number of questions that represented what your ideal GTA game would look like. Here is how it turned out:


-It will take place in modern day/the 2010s…
2010s music

-…in a version of Chicago, IL–“Lake City,” perhaps?
Chicago Night Skyline

-It will continue to feature entirely premade characters and not have a Saints Row-style create-a-character option…
Saints Row custom character

-…but it’ll offer player choices that will continuously change the direction of the story.
Mass Effect Pulp Fiction

-It will feature multiple (all-new) playable protagonists like GTAV
GTAV trio

-…one of which will be a woman.

-Story DLC like GTAIV had won’t be making a return…

-…and online modes should be integrated into the existing “Grand Theft Auto Online” infrastructure instead of starting all over as a separate experience that splinters the number of users between the two games.
GTA online loading

-The game will feature the ability to hide bodies to help cover your tracks after a crime (or stash them like a serial killer)…
MGSV fulton

-…and have police that use force more in proportion to your crime (i.e., not calling in the SWAT team after you flee from a minor fender bender).
GTAV tank

-Lastly, the vehicles in the game will let you connect to your existing Pandora/Spotify/etc account and stream music directly into the game…
stream car radio

-…and include a free HD version of Vice City because why not?
GTA Vice City

There you go, Rockstar. We’ll be waiting…





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