Are These Naughty-Sounding Mega Man Boss Names Real or Made-Up?


The core Mega Man series is up to a whopping 78 (!) Robot Masters across its 10 installments. With that many different nouns, verbs, adjectives, and animal names followed by the word “Man,” there are bound to be a few that sound a bit sexual–and in some cases, it’s hard to believe it was entirely accidental.

The 20 names in the quiz below are a mix of actual bosses from the 10 mainline Mega Man games, and names that my infantile mind completely made up. See if you can tell the difference, and try not to snicker if you’re in a place where it’s inappropriate to do so.

Also, I can only confirm that the real names used in the quiz come from the North American releases of the games. I don’t know whether or not they differ from other territories’ releases, and I apologize in advance if they don’t reflect the versions that you are familiar with.