Here is How You Ranked The Consoles By Company

The overall results of last week’s poll weren’t terribly surprising, but some interesting bits of information do present themselves upon closer examination.


1 – Super NES
2 – NES
3 – GameCube
4 – Nintendo 64
5 – Wii
6 – Wii U

Nintendo controllers

The two Wii platforms finishing last were a given, as was the beloved SNES taking the top spot. But I have to say, I was a little surprised – but also thrilled – to see the GameCube finish ahead of the N64. The GC wasn’t the most well-liked system for a long time, and especially among the non-Nintendo faithful it’s very poorly regarded. In the Facebook comments attached to an article I wrote praising the system as Nintendo’s best, someone said it was literally the worst console he has ever played. So I’m happy to see that people have come around in recent years and recognize its greatness (and also acknowledge that the N64 isn’t without its problems). Another interesting thing to note here is that the SNES was the only console in this entire survey, Nintendo and otherwise, to not have one single person rank it in last place.


1 – Genesis/Mega Drive (includes add-ons)
2 – Dreamcast
3 – Saturn
4 – Master System

Sega controllers

From the very start, this one was a battle between Genesis and Dreamcast for first place and between Saturn and Master System to not finish last. Ultimately, the Genesis got almost twice the first-place nods as the Dreamcast, so that one wasn’t really a contest. As for the other two, it’s important to note that the Master System actually had more people rank at as their first choice than the Saturn did, but Saturn killed it in second- and third- place rankings, meaning that outside of the small group of ardent fans who pick it as their #1 Sega system, the SMS was definitely the majority of people’s least-favorite Sega console. And no, there was never any real chance of the Saturn claiming the second place spot. Though of course that isn’t a knock against the Saturn itself necessarily – we are talking about the Dreamcast, after all.


1 – PlayStation 2
2 – PlayStation
3 – PlayStation 3
4 – PlayStation 4

PS controllers
Image courtesy of user Kevin M Butler

Much like the Sega contest, the PS1 and PS2 were way ahead of the other two and there was never any doubt that they’d be the top two finishers. This was actually the closest of all of the races in terms of #1s vs #2s, and it was largely only due to the PS2 happening to be ahead when the poll closed that led to its victory; it could’ve easily gone to PS1. As for PS3 vs PS4, there’s always going to be something of a bias against whatever the “current” system is in surveys like this, so it’s hard to know for sure how history is going to end up viewing the two systems in relation to each other. But I feel pretty confident in saying that no matter how many more PlayStations Sony makes, their first two offerings will always be the most fondly-remembered.


1 – Xbox 360
2 – Xbox
3 – Xbox One


The X360 is the newest console to take the top prize in our survey, but given that the original Xbox isn’t really considered one of the “all time great” consoles, it’s not a huge surprise that nostalgia didn’t win out here. Truly, the Xbox as a “brand” didn’t really come into its own until the 360 era, where it finally got the chance to take a real bite out of Sony’s market share in the PS3’s rocky early years. As for current-gen, well…the Xbox One had the highest percentage of last-place votes out of any of the contests. Sure, there were only three of them so all of the percentages were potentially higher, but even so, 74% of people choosing it as the “worst” Xbox console is a poor showing no matter how you slice it. By contrast, only 60% of people put the PS4 dead last, and that system had a much stronger field to compete against. To be clear, I’m not picking on the Xbox One – all three of the active console makers’ current consoles were picked as their worst respective lineages. But Microsoft is still the “new kid” on the console block, and to already have seemingly peaked in that space by such a huge margin doesn’t bode well for the company’s future in the space.


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