Can You Correctly Punctuate, Hyphenate, and/or Capitalize These Video Game Titles, Names, and Terms?

Video game names and titles – not unlike song and movie titles – are often spaced, punctuated, spelled, or otherwise arranged in all manner of ways when we’re writing about them. But in most cases, a game only has one official way that its title is supposed to be properly written (I say “most cases” because there seems to be contention over some, like when Soulcalibur officially began being written out as a single word – some say always, some don’t, and plenty of people still always defiantly write it as two words). I came up with some video game titles, systems, companies, characters, etc that I regularly see being written in a variety of different ways, and I looked up what is supposed to be each one’s proper version, and we’ll see how well you know them.