The Results Are In: The Game Worlds YOU Want To Live In.

This week’s poll winner; the world you’d all most like to live in…Animal Crossing.  You’re all incredibly hilarious.  Have fun living in a world where you have to pay a mortgage to live in a house that’s just a smaller version of a real life house you already live in now.  At least you can fill it with a bunch of low-poly, not stylistically interesting junk.

Anyway, moving on to choices that actually deserve to win, second place goes to Mass Effect and Dead or Alive: Beach Volleyball.  Mass Effect is my personal choice, so I totally get that, and even though I put it on as a joke, the latter choice has a certain…allure.

There were also several votes for The Elder Scrolls, with Fallout and (surprisingly) Mortal Kombat following right behind.  Resident Evil, Borderlands, The Legend of Zelda, and Minecraft all tied with a few votes.  The rest of the pack got none.

Also, there were more write in votes for this poll than any I’ve run, so I should definitely mention those.  They included: Mega Man Legends, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, God of War, Need for Speed, Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy.  I should also mention that I thought about putting FF on the list, but I didn’t want to include all of the games separately but since most of them exist in different worlds, I didn’t want pick only one.


3 thoughts on “The Results Are In: The Game Worlds YOU Want To Live In.

  1. People are always harping on the mortgage in Animal Crossing. The thing is, you aren’t even required to pay it. You never have to pay Nook a dime and can still play the game fully, you just won’t have a bigger house. That’s all that the money is actually for: improving your house. It’s just like that one game where you have to get a certain amount of gold/coins/doodads/experience points to get a better weapon/item/home/spell/ability. Crap, what’s the name of that game…oh, that’s right. It’s called every game ever made. Earning x to get a better y is the same mechanic that pretty much every game in existence uses.


  2. Right. No game with low poly not stylistically interesting items could be good. That’s why everyone hates Minecraft, I guess.

    Animal crossing is a fantasy world, it’s an idealized version of the world we live in. No violence, no crime, no pollution. Sure there’s a mortgage but I think all of us wish making money in the real world was as easy as it is in Animal Crossing. Have fun in your Mass-effect world. Hopefully you aren’t one of the inhabitants who dies five minutes into the game. But if you are, I will pour one out for you when I am visiting my tropical island with my closest friends.

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