The Results Are In: The Game Worlds YOU Want To Live In.

This week’s poll winner; the world you’d all most like to live in…Animal Crossing.  You’re all incredibly hilarious.  Have fun living in a world where you have to pay a mortgage to live in a house that’s just a smaller version of a real life house you already live in now.  At least you can fill it with a bunch of low-poly, not stylistically interesting junk.

Anyway, moving on to choices that actually deserve to win, second place goes to Mass Effect and Dead or Alive: Beach Volleyball.  Mass Effect is my personal choice, so I totally get that, and even though I put it on as a joke, the latter choice has a certain…allure.

There were also several votes for The Elder Scrolls, with Fallout and (surprisingly) Mortal Kombat following right behind.  Resident Evil, Borderlands, The Legend of Zelda, and Minecraft all tied with a few votes.  The rest of the pack got none.

Also, there were more write in votes for this poll than any I’ve run, so I should definitely mention those.  They included: Mega Man Legends, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, God of War, Need for Speed, Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy.  I should also mention that I thought about putting FF on the list, but I didn’t want to include all of the games separately but since most of them exist in different worlds, I didn’t want pick only one.