The Results Are In: Your Picks For The Best Way To Get Kids Into Gaming.

By: Steve Zachmann, contributor

Come on Chris, don’t even act like you didn’t hack this poll.  Number one with a bullet in last week’s survey was Retro gaming/older consoles.  As someone without kids, I’m not sure I have the right to have an opinion on that, but I’d tend to think it would be a pretty good way to ease kids into gaming without introducing them to newer games with 100 different mechanics and systems.  That said, I think it’s only a matter of time before these little retro scamps see their friends playing newer consoles and get envious.

In a distant second place was traditional handheld (which I thought would win, by the way).  This would probably have been my number one pick as it allows kids to game on the go, and at least as far as the 3DS goes, it’s filled with classic games as well as games tailored for kids.

Rounding out the pack, we had Leap Pad, iOS/Android device, and Wii U.  Oh, and there was one write in vote for, “let them ****ing choose what they want to ****ing do“, which I think seems a little aggressive.  But that’s the internet, folks: No matter what you put out there, no matter how uncontroversial and even-keeled as it may seem, somebody is going to treat it like the most irritating thing they’ve ever heard and tell you all about it in the meanest possible way. I’m pretty sure our poll wasn’t “What’s the best way to force your children to do something they have zero interest in,” but there’s no accounting for how people choose to read things, I guess.