Here is How You Graded Games That Grade YOU

In honor of finals week last week, we asked you which style of in-game performance grading you preferred. Here are the results.

#1 – Grades that earn you earn you bonus – but non-essential – rewards (65%)

We heard you loud and clear on this one – most of you like games that offer some sort of reward for how well you perform, but you like those rewards to be strictly of the “bonus” variety. You don’t like games that actually require high grades in order to progress or to earn required items.

#2 – I don’t like ANY form of video game grading (20%)

A fair amount of you prefer it when games don’t grade you at all. You either beat a level or you don’t – it doesn’t matter how “well” you did it. We are constantly being graded and rated in life, and video games should be an escape from all of that according to some of you.

#3 – Grades that are strictly for prestige and don’t earn any tangible rewards (10%)

Some of your like the idea of games that grade you, but you don’t want to actually earn anything from them. You just like the idea of knowing how well you are playing a game strictly for your own piece of mind.

#4 – Grades that are needed to actually progress in the game (5%)

Needing to earn high grades to literally progress in a game is a rather old-school concept, and most games don’t do that anymore, but our reader base definitely skews old-school and it seems that some of you miss the days of games that don’t even let you see the next area unless you’re playing the game well.

Bonus question: What game has your favorite grading system (and why)?

Here are some of the responses we got to this question:

Sonic Adventure 2 – it makes you work for it and challenges conventional play.”

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series – Tournaments which have other “AI” scores to beat.”

Devil May Cry. I love how you can see how your grade improves in real time.”

nes ultra remix collection 3ds. I must get 3 stars on every level.”

Thanks to everyone who voted and who took the time to answer our bonus question.