Top 5 Friday: My Favorite Gaming Snacks.

Gaming snacks, really?  I know, I know.  Think about it though; as gamers we like to sit in front of a screen, but unlike serial TV watchers, we don’t have our hands free.  Typical snacks like potato chips and cheese puffs are just far too greasy to eat while playing.  We all know there is nothing worse than realizing that your controller is coated in some type of unnatural, saturated fat lubricant.  So, from one hardcore gamer to another, here are my favorite snacks for game time that keep my hands clean and my belly full.

5.  Nuts

Ok, so I love nuts and I think they’re a great gaming snack, but let’s be clear; not all nuts are great gaming snacks.  Those cans of mixed nuts that seems to all be covered in salt and that weird nut oil will get your hands greasy and gross just as quick as a bag of Lay’s.  Roasted peanuts or almonds are far better choices as they tend not to have that grease all over them.  Pistachios are awesome as long as you don’t mind pausing a lot.  Oh, and the best part about nuts; they have lots of flavors, from sweet to spicy to salty.

4. Grapes

Ah grapes, how I love thee.  Sweet, juicy, and completely easy to eat while gaming, they provide you with a good source of natural sugar to keep your energy up without the roller-coaster high / crash of soda.  Grapes probably aren’t the number one healthiest fruit out there but they’re still much better for you than pounding 1lb. bags of Skittles or M&Ms.

3.  Hummus

I don’t feel that hummus gets enough credit in America.  It’s almost as tasty as your typical French onion or ranch type of dip, but without all the heart attack in a can problems.  Also, hummus has a heartier consistency than many dips, so there’s less of a chance that it’ll spill off of your chosen delivery vehicle and onto your clothing, couch, controller, etc…  It’s easy to eat with anything from pretzels and pita chips to green pepper slices, celery, and other vegetables making it an even healthier choice.

2.  Reese’s Pieces

Remember what I said about grapes being a better choice than M&Ms and all that?  Well maybe that goes for sorry ass M&Ms, but sometimes you just need that good old chocolate-peanut butter goodness, health be damned.  Most candy makes for pretty good gaming snacks, but candy with a hard outer shell is best to avoid mess, and my pick is definitely Reese’s Pieces.  This probably isn’t a snack you’re going to want to keep large quantities of within reach as gamers can tend to be grazers, but once in a while they’re definitely worth enjoying.

1.  Pretzels

I’m not entirely sure where pretzels fall on the health scale, to be honest.  I know they’re better than Fritos, potato chips, and Cheetos, but I’m pretty sure they’re not the absolute best thing for you.  For me though, that’s ok.  You have to find a middle ground.  If I can much on a handful of pretzels instead of the greasiest, most fattening snack in the world, I count that as a minor victory.  There is a lot to like about pretzels, too.  Just plain old regular pretzels taste pretty damn good.  Add in the fact that they’re a clean snack and you’ve got yourself a winner.  On top of that though, they’re versatile.  Dip them in the aforementioned hummus, dip them in peanut butter, dip them in mustard or horseradish.  Now we’re talking about a snack worthy of a Saturday afternoon of gaming goodness!