What “Dead” Fighting Game Franchise Would You Like to Revive? Vote Now!

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In the 90’s and a bit into the early aughts, you couldn’t throw a fireball in a game store without hitting 10 completely different fighting games. Unfortunately, like far too many video game genres these days, it seems that only the three or four biggest contenders are left standing in the fighting game field, with only the occasional slightly-off-the-radar series getting new installments (most of which are made by Arc System Works) and most new upstarts never seeing a sequel and quickly fading into the background. So we thought we’d ask our readers which of the many dormant fighting game franchises they’d like to see make a comeback. We defined “dead” as a franchise that hasn’t had a new (non-remake) installment in two console generations and/or about 10 years. There is also a write-in option if we missed your favorite game or, more likely, you want to ignore the guidelines and write in a game that doesn’t apply. That seems to be a tradition with our surveys.