The Results Are In: Who’s Better, Microsoft Or Sony?

So…wow.  I’m stunned.  The results to this survey were so lopsided that I looked them all over to make sure (to the best of my ability) that there hadn’t been some type of hacking involved.  I was prepared to write out little explanations for the results of each question with my reasoning for what I think happened.  But the results are just…I don’t even…

The winner, by insanely lopsided landslide is…


I think you might be a big cheater.

So don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against Microsoft, the Xbox, or any of it’s features.  I’m just surprised that there wasn’t way more variance.  Microsoft won every single category, and not only did they win, but the lowest percentage they won by was 80%.  Most categories were something like 97% – 3%.  I truly did not expect that.  I mean, at the very least, I think it’s tough to argue with Sony’s library of games.  The Xbox didn’t even exist until the PS2 generation so classics like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII are pretty much Sony exclusives (at least in their original incarnations).  There’s also little doubt that the original XBox controller was not exactly a hit, while the dual shock has been a high-quality game controller through pretty much all of it’s incarnations.  Not only that, but coming off of the pre-launch E3, Sony looked like the big winner.  I would have thought that this would have translated into sales and the subsequently allegiance that comes with that.  It seems I was very sorely mistaken.

So at this point, while I’m happy for Microsoft in it’s big win, I’m still a bit suspicious.  It feels like the XBox fans got the memo while the Sony fans didn’t.  Again, it’s hard for me to explain; I really expected some competition.  So if you voted, I’m curious as to why you made the choices you did so feel free to leave a comment.