The Results are In: Here are the Nintendo Franchises That You’d Still Like To See on Wii U

There are only a few upcoming first-party heavy hitters currently announced for the Wii U – namely, Zelda and Star Fox – leaving nearly two dozen Nintendo properties that have never had a dedicated Wii U entry and it looking less and less likely that they ever will. Still, we don’t know for absolute certain that Nintendo doesn’t have any surprises left up their sleeve to announce for the Wii U, and we may still see some big names show up in the embattled system’s far-too-soon twilight years. A lot of people have very strong opinions about the Wii U, with the general feeling seeming to be divided between wanting Nintendo to continuing believing in the system, and people thinking Nintendo needs to just cut their losses and go full-force on NX development. So with that in mind, we listed most of the first-party Nintendo franchises we could think of that haven’t had an entry on the Wii U and don’t currently have one announced. Then we asked if you’d rather see it come to the Wii U to flesh out the console’s light library and serve as a fitting send-off to the system, or if you’d rather Nintendo not even bother at this point and just put its resources into bringing that franchise to the NX (maybe even as a launch game, which is what the NX would certainly need: a very strong launch lineup). Here are the more dramatic results (meaning the ones that were basically just split evenly aren’t really worth specifically drawing attention to).

75% Wii U, 25% NX

The most sizable difference of all the games, it is clear that current Wii U owners would really like to see a new Metroid for the system before Nintendo retires it, far moreso than saving it for their next platform. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be the first time Metroid has skipped a Nintendo platform entirely, but as you recall, after skipping the N64 the franchise came back with a vengeance with Metroid Prime. So if it doesn’t make it to Wii U, hopefully that means something on that level is currently being created for the NX. Of course, I’m just trying to play devil’s advocate and look at the silver lining of Metroid‘s absence (and apparently cram as many different cliches into a single sentence as I can). The Wii U tablet seemed designed with Metroid Prime-style gameplay in mind, and I have to imagine that a MP game was being considered when they were dreaming up creative uses for the tablet’s screen and motion features. Why they haven’t pulled the trigger (there I go with the cliches again) on it yet and don’t seem to be planning to do so is one of the biggest wastes of the Wii U tablet’s potential that I can think of.

71% Wii U, 29% NX

After establishing itself as a Western launch title for two consecutive Nintendo platforms, Pilotwings took a very long break following Pilotwings 64 until returning to its North American and European launch day roots alongside the release of the 3DS. With its shameless reuse of the exact geographical setting of Wii Sports Resort, the game felt a little bit too “tech demo-y” for a lot of people’s tastes, though it was still a pretty fun launch game and showed off the system’s 3D effects nicely. What it didn’t do is serve as a major relaunch of the Pilotwings “brand,” as evidenced by its absence from both the Wii U’s launch and its library as a whole thus far. For an entire game built around rather simplistic flying, the motion capabilities of the Wii U’s pad would serve typical Pilotwings gameplay quite well, and would go a long way to spicing up what is otherwise a rather basic conceit for a game. It’s debatable if there’s enough substance there to make it a full-priced game in 2015 and beyond, but Nintendo could pull it off if they put their minds to it.

Battalion Wars
69% Wii U, 31% NX

It’s actually more surprising that than you might think for there to not yet be a Battalion Wars game for Wii U, as there has been a “Wars” game for nine different Nintendo platforms in Japan going all the way back to the original Famicom Wars. The series has only sat out the N64 and (so far) the 3DS and Wii U in that territory. However, the last installment to the series in any territory was all the way back in 2008, and the franchise hadn’t taken more than two years off since 1997. This definitely doesn’t bode well for its future on any platform. But it is still exciting to think about playing it with a Wii U pad, as the tablet would make playing a strategy game a breeze, which is likely why so many people are still hoping for a Wii U version.

Kid Icarus
68% Wii U, 32% NX

Despite largely mixed–though skewing positive–feelings on the 3DS reboot to the NES “classic,” people have pretty strong opinions on wanting a new console Kid Icarus sooner rather than later. But given that most of the negativity leveled at the Kid Icarus: Uprising was its awkward control scheme that made it easier to play if you rested the unit in a stand, Uprising definitely deserves another shot in a platform with a controller better-suited to its action and mechanics. I bet a lot of people would just be happy seeing an HD version of Uprising with some extra content brought to the Wii U, but Nintendo doesn’t typically go the “release the same game on console and portable” route so that possibility is unlikely. Not that Kid Icarus: Uprising 2 for Wii U is any more likely at this point, but it’s definitely a nice thought.

Custom Robo
67% Wii U, 33% NX

This is another franchise that has been more prolific than you may think if you don’t live in Japan. Only the last two entries–the one for Gamecube and the one for DS–have made it out of the East, but those were actually the fourth and fifth installments in a series that made its debut on the N64. Still, it has a strong enough following that people would like to see it come to the Wii U, and felt even stronger about a Wii U Custom Robo than they did about any of Nintendo’s other RPGs: Earthbound/Mother, Fire Emblem, Paper Mario, and Golden Sun all had about a 50/50 split between Wii U and NX which to me means people are indifferent about how soon they get a new installment to any of those (although there is actually a new Fire Emblem coming, which I wasn’t aware of when I first created the poll). So now seems as good a time as any to take a chance on a new Custom Robo game, as Nintendo isn’t exactly cranking out first-party games for the console these days and a more niche Nintendo game might have a decent shot at getting some attention.