The Five Best Games Based On Fake Sports


By: Steve Zachmann, contributor

In case you haven’t been paying attention, Rocket League is like…a big deal.  It’s broken out in a way I wouldn’t have expected, even given it’s fantastic gameplay.  It got me thinking about video games based on sports that don’t really exists, and guess what, there’s quite a few.  Here is a un-debatable, definitive list of the 5 absolute best (or maybe just my picks).

5.  Mutant League Football

First off, Mutant League Football is based on the Madden ’93 engine, so you know the gameplay is pretty tight, regardless of it’s off-the-wall nature.  It’s also just an awesome game based on a completely fantastic premise.  It’s football, but played with skeletons, aliens, superhumans and all sorts of other freaky types.  Land mines and pot holes litter the field, refs can be bribed and players can even die.  It’s very kitchy-Halloween and I absolutely love it!  If the apocalypse ever comes and the world becomes populated with all sorts of freaky beasties I’m definitely starting a football team.

4.  Windjammers

So I had no idea what Windjammers was until I heard the guys over at Giant Bomb talking about it.  I managed to find it an arcade sometime later and Chris and I gave it a go.   I ended up downloading it later and playing some more on my own and guess what, it’s my jam (yep).  Part frisbee, part tennis, and a little bit of Street Fighter magic makes it a pretty awesome game for a sport that should definitely be real.

3. Mount Your Friends

If you haven’t played Mount Your Friends you’re truly missing out.  It’s not much fun to play on your own, but with a friend, or group thereof, it’s an absolute blast.  Here’s the premise… You control 2D ragdoll figures and you move them by holding a button (each limb has a separate one) and moving the analog stick.  When you let go of the button that limb sticks to whatever it’s touching.  Your goal is to get on the top of an ever growing pile of other ragdolls.  It’s truly glorious, let me tell you.  While the game itself is incredibly silly, the action can often times be pretty intense.

2.  Pokemon

Alright, before you get all huffy about how Pokemon doesn’t really fit the theme here remember that there are gyms in that game.  Battling pokemon is definitely a sport in the Pokemon universe.  Also, it’s a pretty classic series in it’s own right.  Catching, leveling, evolving, and battling pocket monsters is a pass time that virtually everyone born after 1986 is familiar with.  Let’s not forget that there’s an entire spinoff serious called Pokemon Stadium where you battle pokemon in a stadium.  So yeah, it’s a sport (a fake one at least).

1. Rocket League

I know, I know, it’s just the flavor of the month.  It’s not though.  Rocket League is a genuinely fantastic sports game, even if the sport being played isn’t one that exists in real life.  I’m not a huge soccer fan but if you told me that I could play car-soccer with turbo-jump flight-boosters on my vehicle I’d be pretty stoked.  It’s clear that Rocket League benefits greatly from modern tech, too.  It’s flashy in a the way that real-sport spectacle is, and it’s a pretty beautiful because of it.  Rocket League’s  appeal may also have something to do with Twitch being a thing now, whereas the other games on this list didn’t really have that benefit.  Still, it’s hard to deny that Rocket League is a truly awesome game and a great throwback to those old phony sports games.

4 thoughts on “The Five Best Games Based On Fake Sports

  1. Heh yeah, that’s way too many layers for a top five: “Top 5 Games Based on Fake Sports That Originated in a Movie.”

    If we’re still a blog 10 years from now and still doing top fives every Friday, we may HAVE to start getting that creative and specific eventually though…


  2. I heavily considered blitzball actually, but I feel like it’s so polarizing. Some people HATE it. I thought it was fun, but I figured that I’d leave it out because of that. As far as Pod racing goes, I would say it could count but I think you could make the argument that its really a fake sport from a movie more than a game.


  3. Would blitzball count, or only games entirely built around it? Was the Harry Potter Quidditch game any good? If mutant league football counts, which is just a variant on football, wouldn’t something like Star Wars pod racer count?


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