The Results Are In: Here Are YOUR Picks For Worst Superhero Game Catalogs

So I’ll admit it, I had a pretty good guess as to who would win (or lose?) this poll, and I was right.  Superman got the most votes by a landslide.  In fact, only three other superheroes even got a vote.  To me, that seems about right.  It’s not even so much that the other superheroes have better game catalogs as much as the fact that Superman is so iconic.  Can you think of a single superhero that has transcended time periods, mediums, etc… more than Superman?  Batman might, but most likely not.  Spider Man is pretty popular but not Superman level popular.  So to have the most iconic superhero of all time have such a terrible gaming catalog is pretty egregious.  That said, I have a theory as to why; Superman isn’t a good superhero.  I know, I know, the legions of Superman fans out there are getting their pitchforks as we speak.  But think about it, he’s basically invincible save for one single weakness.  This works alright in some mediums, but in a medium where interaction is the name of the game, how do you set up Superman to be killable in any way that doesn’t involve fighting slews of enemies empowered by Kryptonite.  That’s his single weakness, so to make the game challenging, it’s the only thing you can throw at him, and that gets boring.  So yeah, Superman has a terrible catalog and I think it’s his own fault (well, Superman 64 wasn’t really his fault).

There were two other heroes that got votes; Green Lantern, and The Incredible Hulk.  It’s hard not to agree that they have bad catalogs, but it’s also difficult to not lump everyone on the list who’s name isn’t Superman into a group of heroes who’s catalogs are bad in exactly the same way.  Superman’s catalog is notably bad, but the rest are just filled with the same movie-licensed trash that all superheroes have, so it’s hard to pick a clear loser there.  One person chose to write in Spawn, and I know that was you Chris.  To anyone who doesn’t think Spawn has a great catalog, play the PS1 Spawn game, it’s incredible!