The Results Are In:  Here Are YOUR Picks For Best Sports Representation In Games

The results of last week’s poll are in, and it seems like the comments Chris and I made may have swayed the results a bit (or maybe not).  At any rate, we have a pretty clear winner this week.

The sport that you guys chose as the number one is, not surprisingly, racing.  Not only did take the checkered flag (yup, I just did that), but it basically lapped (BOOM, did it again) all the other choices.  So, it might be that Chris and I swayed your opinions with our comments, or it might just be that racing games do fantastic jobs of making you feel like you’re racing.  It makes sense, honestly.  I mean the only way to play a racing game is from inside or right behind the car, so naturally it feel like the sport.

This is the greatest basketball game ever made and if you disagree you’re wrong.

What was surprising was what took second place; basketball.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have no inherent problem with basketball games, but I wouldn’t say that I feel much like I’m actually playing the actual sport.  The camera specifically makes the game feel more like watching the action on television than actually playing the sport.  Regardless, it posted up (AWWW YEAH) for a solid second place.

Baseball, soccer, football, golf, and a write-in vote for snooker all tied for third place.  The snooker write-in actually got me thinking that perhaps I made an oversight by not including both pool and bowling in the list, as Wii bowling specifically feels pretty similar to the real thing.  I was surprised that football didn’t get more votes as not only is the most popular American sport by far, but it’s camera view also tends to put you right in the heart of the trenches of the grid-iron action.  And to think, all it would have needed was an extra point (NAILED IT) to move up a spot.

Hockey found its way to the penalty box (you know you love it), tennis got a double fault (now it’s getting stupid), boxing got TKO’d (I’m sorry, I can’t stop), and extreme sports performed extremely poorly (that one is just plain dumb).  None got any votes, but they did give 110%, played their hearts out, left it all on the field, and were know that they’ll be back next year because their core is solid.

By the way, since you guys love racing games so much, why not tell us which is your favorite racing game franchise right here!