The Top 10 Things Missing From the Mega Man Legacy Collection, According To Our Readers

By: Chris Hodges, editor-in-chief

The last time a game compilation was announced and people had zero complaints about it–what it was lacking, what it included, the quality of the ports, and so on–was probably Super Mario All-Stars for SNES (and that’s probably only because there wasn’t an internet around for people to complain about it on). Since then, there always seems to be some glaring thing wrong with/missing from every retro compilation. So we thought we’d go ahead and jump all over Capcom the moment the Mega Man Legacy Collection was announced and have our readers tell the big C all the ways that the collection isn’t good enough. And let’s be honest: It isn’t as though Capcom doesn’t deserve that, especially as far as Mega Man is concerned.

10. The two PSP games (Mega Man: Powered Up, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X)

Powered Up

Capcom put out two really great remakes of the original installments of the classic MM series and Mega Man X for PSP, and when neither of them sold all that well, they never did any more. Maybe people felt cheated that the consoles had just gotten entire eight-game Mega Man collections around that same time, and here PSP owners were being asked to spend that much money for one re-imagined Mega Man title. Or maybe it was the PSP’s relatively small user base (a base that consisted of an even smaller amount of the type of hardcore gamers that would want Mega Man games). Whatever the reason, these titles both deserve another shot, and would make great bonus titles in a MM collection.

9. The Mega Man Battle Network games

Battle Network

The Battle Network series was a well-liked and very successful spin-off series to MM–until, predictably, Capcom beat it to death with eight games in just four years. Now, that series is technically even deader than the core MM series. It would definitely be interesting to have all of the Battle Network games collected in one place. And since I’m sure there is only a small group of people who’d want a dedicated Battle Network collection, it makes their inclusion in a regular MM compilation far more ideal for the relatively quirky series.

8. The Mega Man Game Boy games

Mega Man GB

Like a lot of franchises that ran concurrent to an NES counterpart series–Final Fantasy, Castlevania, etc–the Mega Man games on Game Boy weren’t just shrunken-down replicas of the NES games but redesigned games built from the ground up for the Game Boy. Several of the games also did an interesting thing where they featured four bosses from the corresponding NES game and four bosses from the NES game that preceded it, meaning you got a completely unique boss lineup than the one from any other Mega Man game. There were plans to put all of the MM Game Boy games onto GBA–fully colorized, even–at the same time the Anniversary Collection was released for consoles, but it never materialized, leaving gamers still hungry for the modern ports of those games they were teased with nearly a decade ago.

7. The Mega Man Zero games

Mega Man Zero

The Mega Man Zero series consists of four games for the Game Boy Advance, designed to be the successor to the Mega Man X series. It is also essentially the continuation of the Mega Man Game Boy games as that series didn’t continue on Nintendo’s 32-bit handheld. Zero actually did get the compilation it deserved, but it wasn’t produced in especially large numbers and has sadly become rare and expensive. So everyone who isn’t already lucky enough to have that compilation and doesn’t want to be gouged for it would love to see those games re-released again.

6. The Genesis/Megadrive “Wily Wars” versions of Mega Man 1-3

Wily Wars

One thing that retro compilations don’t do nearly enough is include multiple versions of games. That’s why it would be really cool to see these rare 16-bit remakes of the first three Mega Man games included on a MM compilation. The Wily Wars would also be a perfect candidate for inclusion on a compilation given that in the U.S. it was only ever made available via the Sega Channel service, so there has never been an official way to actually own the games, or even play them for the past 17 years since Sega Channel went offline.

5. Street Fighter X Mega Man


Beginning life as a fan project by Singapore developer Seow Zong Hui, Capcom eventually caught wind of the project and not only gave it their blessing but their support, offering it as a free download on their website. Guess they don’t mind supporting Mega Man as long as it doesn’t cost them any time or money, huh? The game is done in the style of the NES Mega Man games but is a one-on-one fighter featuring MM characters going head to head with Street Fighter characters. Why clamor to have a game that is completely free added to a not-free compilation? Because it’s cool, that’s why.

4. All of the one-off side games (Mega Man Soccer, Mega Man & Bass, Mega Man Battle and Chase, etc)

MM Soccer

It seems that a lot of you are far more interested in seeing all of Mega Man‘s novelty spin-off games gathered in one place than simply tacking on any of his boring old “regular” games. Some of these games have been included as bonuses on various versions of the Anniversary Collection, but certainly not all, and are spread across multiple consoles and even regions with no one place being home to all of them. Your guess is as good as mine how good something like Mega Man Soccer or a PS1 Mega Man kart racing game would hold up now–or how good they ever were, honestly–but sometimes it’s more fun to be able to try out some of a franchise’s weirder/quirkier installments, especially ones that never came to your region, than it is to simply re-play the hits all over again.

3. The Mega Man Legends games (including Tron Bonne)


For how badly people want to see Mega Man Legends 3–and how much they are still willing to pay for Legends 2–it is rather surprising that this only finished third on the list. Part of it could be the recent release of the Legends prequel The Misadventures of Tron Bonne onto PSN, meaning that only hardcore collectors who really, really want the physical disc have to pay $100+ for it anymore. Or maybe our readers are just realistic and realize that there must be a reason we haven’t see Legends 1 and 2 re-released yet and that likely isn’t going to change anytime soon (word is there are copyright/contract issues with the soundtrack). But if Earthbound can make it to Wii U intact, (alleged) Beatles samples and all, anything is possible. [Editor’s note: Since publishing this list, both Mega Man Legends and Mega Man Legends 2 have been made available for download on PlayStation Network.]

2. Mega Man 7-10


Ah, I see now why Legends didn’t get more votes–you guys would rather have a complete core Mega Man series all in one place. And that’s fair, especially given that the Anniversary Collection released all those years ago already had MM 1-8, and here we are two installments later and the newest MM compilation actually features fewer games. No matter how Capcom tries to spin their reasoning for wanted to just collect all of the NES games for cohesion purposes and blah blah blah, we just want a complete Mega Man collection with all 10 games. Especially since Mega Man 9 and 10 are as of yet unavailable on XB1 and PS4…

1. The Mega Man X games


The only spin-off series to rival–and to some people, surpass–the classic MM series is the Mega Man X franchise. Yes, the series technically already has a complete compilation, but so what? There is no reason why all of the classic Mega Man and Mega Man X games can’t all be together in one collection, and obviously that is what our readers want the most. Well, technically, they’d actually rather have the NES Mega Man games and the Mega Man X games more than they’d like to have the complete MM series, which again may hint at a lot of people’s preference for the X series (or just their indifference for the last couple core MM games).


2 thoughts on “The Top 10 Things Missing From the Mega Man Legacy Collection, According To Our Readers

  1. I love me some Mega Man. I have the collections for the original games on the PS2 and the X series too on the PS2, but I’ll probably pick up this collection eventually. It certainly would’ve been nice with the X games in there, and the Legends too. But what is that, like 18 games? That’d be awesome. But you know what’d be more awesome? Some new direction for the Mega Man franchise, back on home consoles. Like the old days. Not all this rehashing.

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