Our Readers Have Spoken: Here is Where the Tony Hawk Series Lost Them

We put up a poll last week asking you what made you bail on the Tony Hawk franchise. While there were a variety of responses, most people went one of two ways: They liked Pro Skater 1 and 2 but had their fill after that, or they jumped ship once EA’s Skate series arrived and finally gave Tony Hawk some viable competition. Those two replies tied for first place, together accounting for almost half of the total votes. The next key event that scared people off was, not surprisingly, when the games starting coming with and requiring expensive peripherals. So hopefully the developers that have been tasked with relaunching the franchise later this year – and more importantly, Activision – take note of the lessons learned from what finally ended Tony Hawk‘s unprecedented 12-year run.

The full results to the question “What Made You Bail on the Tony Hawk series” are as follows:

“I only really liked THPS 1 and 2” – 20%

“When EA’s Skate came out” – 20%

“When peripherals got involved” – 16%

“After the last Pro Skater game (part 4) and the sub-series started” – 12%

“When they went ‘open world’ with American Wasteland and Project 8 – 9%

“Once you could get off your skateboard” – 7%

“I was never really on(skate)board with the series to begin with” – 7%

“When they started trying to force an actual ‘story’ into Career Mode” – 4%

“I didn’t. I remained a fan throughout.” – 4%

“Other” – 1% (These were all just write-in votes of specific titles)

There were also three choices that got zero votes, which ended up meaning that nobody considered taking the time limit out of career mode or turning to Viva La Bam and Jackass for inspiration their “jump the shark” moment, nor did anybody quit Tony Hawk to move onto a different extreme sports franchise (prior to Skate).

Thanks to everybody who voted, and be sure to check back every Wednesday for a new poll and the previous week’s results!