The Konami Franchise Our Readers Most Want to Rescue From the Company’s (Potential) Ashes Is…

castlevania-chars21I have to say, the results of this survey were probably the most surprising of any we’ve ever done. Not so much what game finished #1, but by how much. Castlevania captured a staggering 38% of the votes, with its nearest runner up – Silent Hill – only bringing in 12%. It’s tough to say if the news of the cancellation of Silent Hills and the removal of “PT” from PSN breaking while the poll was active earned the seemingly doomed horror series any extra votes, but it certainly wasn’t enough to shake people’s desire to wrestle control of Castlevania away from Konami’s neglectful hands.

The full results are below. And be sure to check out this week’s survey about when you feel that the Tony Hawk games grinded the shark. Um, wait, that’s gross. Are we talking about Tony Hawk or Troy McClure? Let’s try “ollied over the shark.” I swear I’ll get better at these sports references one day.

(Note: Percentages don’t equal exactly 100% because they have been rounded to the nearest whole number and because of irregularities with the write-in votes such as people writing in games that already appeared on the list).

1. (38%)

2. (12%)


3. (11%)

4. (9%)

5 and 6. TIE (6%)

7.  (5%)

8. (4%)

9. (3%)

10. (2%)

And the games that finished at 1% or less (but still got votes): Bemani, Rumble Roses (write-in), Blades of Steel, Vandal Hearts, Pro Evolution Soccer/Winning Eleven, Snatcher, Yu-Gi-Oh (write-in) Rocket Knight and Silent Scope. There were also a few Hudson write-ins that I’m not going to dignify by sharing them as those votes came from people who either missed or simply disregarded my note about Hudson franchises not qualifying for the poll. Read the intros, people! YOU did this to him…



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