The Results Are In! The Cancelled Game You’d Most Like to See Be Resurrected Is…

No big surprise here: Gamers want more Mega Man, and more specifically, we want the third entry in the Legends series that we were only briefly teased with years ago. It seems that for now, Lost Planet – which was reportedly built with the engine that was meant to eventually power MML3 – is the closest we’re going to get.

…or is it? If you have any faith at all in the power of community outcry, head on over to the official blog for 100K Strong For Bringing Back Megaman Legends 3, a group that is dedicated entirely to building an army of voices that will eventually be too loud for Capcom to keep ignoring.

Bringing it back to the survey, the only game to even give MML3 any competition was the ambitious Star Wars 1313, which closed down production when LucasArts did.

The full results are below.