The “Retired” Music Game Franchise Our Readers Would Most Like To See Make a Comeback Is…

Spaaaaace Channel 5!

I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of this poll. Space Channel 5 and its sequel are two of my favorite games, and are definitely near the top of my list of series I’d most like a sequel to, music or otherwise. I’m stoked that our intelligent readers share my love of those games.

The complete results are below. As far as the write-in votes, Guitar Hero got 4 votes and Rock Band got 1…even though the original description to the poll alluded to choosing a different franchise than those two, Dance Dance Revolution got two votes, and one vote each went to BeatmaniaSingStarIn The Groove and…Tomba and Jet Grind Radio. Both of those games, um, have music…

About Chris Hodges (The Chi-Scroller)

I am a writer and blogger (and father) who lives in Chicago. I primarily write about video games, though I take occasional detours into movies, television and pop culture in general.


  1. erdricks_boxers

    Also guitar hero is heavily rumored to he coming back also.

    I can’t believe donkey kong got zero votes. How is that possible? That’s the best game on the list! Oh wait. Im thinking of jungle beat. Never mind.

    Also, I bet you were pretty happy elite beat agents didnt score well.


  2. You forgot… THE music game series: Guitar Hero.
    I mean really? How can you forget the KING of music games??


    • I meant to clarify that in the description but I forgot to. With the confirmed return of Rock Band, I was kind of going for completely different types of music games. Rock Band and Guitar Hero are pretty similar games overall. I feel that a world with Rock Band shouldn’t really miss Guitar Hero THAT much.

      But by all means, feel free to make that your write in vote. I certainly can’t prevent anyone from doing that :)


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