New Releases For 2-23 / 3-1

Moving through quarter one is always a bit of a drag in terms of game releases.  It hasn’t been without any notable titles (we saw the release of Evolve and The Order: 1886 in the last couple of weeks) but as per usual, the big names are few and far between.  That’s not all bad though; it gives the indies a chance to shine, and gives you a chance to catch up on your backlog (just like me!).

Capcom is releasing Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 1 this week for all major consoles as well as PC.  It marks the first installment of the episodic series and a bit of a departure for the franchise.  Of course, what would a new releases post be without a least a couple insane Japanese releases?  Dragonball XenoVerse and Under Night: In-Birth Exe:Late drop this week; the former releasing for all major consoles and PC, the latter being a PS3 exclusive.  Pneuma: Breath of Life, a beautiful first-person puzzler, hits Steam and Xbox One this week.

Here are the rest of this week’s releases:

Starwhal: Just the Tip (PS3, PS4)
Oddworld: New N’ Tasty
Homeworld Remastered Collection
Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado
Republique Remastered


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