Weekly Wacraft Wednesday:  6.1 Stuff You Might Have Missed.

If you’re an avid WoW player (and you probably are if you’re here) you know that 6.1 is coming out next week.  Like most of us, there’s a good chance that you’ve been paying more attention to the fact that there is a brand-spanking-new raid out.  Obviously Blackrock Foundry arrival has overshadowed the new patch a bit, but there are plenty of things you should be aware of.  Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a nice little list of things you can expect next Tuesday.

Lots of heirloom changes.

Remember that new heirloom interface that they promised back at Blizzcon?  Well that’s finally a thing.  As of now you no longer have to keep heirlooms in your bag.  Instead they’ll have their own interface, similar to the toy box where you can easily use them without worrying about misplacing them on some random character.  What’s more, there is now an achievement for collecting 35 of these heirlooms and it rewards a special heirloom mount that can be used at level 1!  In addition, the heirloom vendors have returned, and their gear now sells for gold, so no more having to farm justice points.

Blood Elf makeover.

Dude’s got some serious duck face going on.

You’re probably aware that Blood Elves are the only race to have not yet received their new character models.  Not to worry, the new models are in-game as of 6.1 so if you’re looking for an even higher res version of a malnourished looking bag of bones, you’re in luck.

Twitter integration.


Have you ever thought, ‘It’s such a shame that I can’t tweet to the whole world that I just got this brand new mount’?  Neither have I.  Regardless, WoW now has Twitter integration because why not.  So link your twitter account and spam the world with your WoW accomplishments…or don’t.  Please don’t.

Lots of garrison updates.

The most meaningful additions to the game (beyond that awesome Twitter integration!) are the multitude of additions to the garrison.  Let’s get a little more in depth on what we’re actually getting.


  • Follower’s maximum item level has been raised from 655 to 670.
  • New missions will reward gear from Blackrock Foundry (you’ll need followers with a 660+ item level for these).
  • Followers who are working at buildings now earn XP for every work order that’s complete while they’re working.
  • There is a new legendary follower that can be attained through the legendary ring questline.
  • Harrison Jones can now be recruited as a follower.
  • Fen Tao, a new Pandaren follower, can be recruited outside your garrison.
  • New NPCs have been added to your garrison that sell contracts for followers you may have missed due to outpost choices.
  • There is now a daily quest available from the Dwarven Bunker / War Mill to exchange Iron Horde Scraps for a follower item.


  • Profession buildings now offer quests that convert normal crafting materials into your choice of 15 Primal Spirits or 4 of your professions daily cooldown item. (e.g. For leatherworking you’ll convert 50 Raw Beast Hides to do this).
  • Profession buildings that are level 3 now offer profession missions that reward Rush Orders. Followers with the appropriate profession trait increase the success rate of those missions.
  • Salvage from the salvage yard now always drops one follower upgrade item.

Work Orders

  • There are now items that can create “Rush Orders” for profession buildings. A rush order immediately finishes 5 work orders and rewards the appropriate items.
  • You can now queue multiple work orders at once instead of having to push the button over and over.


  • Invasions now offer have a platinum Completing an invasion with a platinum rating rewards a 660 item.


  • Daily dungeon quests offered at the inn now include quests that reward extra garrison resources.
  • Rush Orders can be purchased with garrison resources.
  • Follower items can be purchased with garrison resources.

That’s a lot of changes to weed through, and that’s not even a complete list (I only included the most important bits).  With all of that, managing your followers and resources becomes a bit of a game of Tetris so I may do a guide in the coming weeks on how to squeeze the absolute max out of your garrison.

So yeah, 6.1 looks pretty cool.  I’m always a fan of patches that give players new things to do outside of raids and dungeons.  Sure, that stuff is obviously awesome, but get really pumped for stuff I can figure out on my own time.  A raid, even if you’re really hardcore, typically only takes up a few nights a week.  If you’re playing a lot of WoW, that still leaves plenty of time to be bored if there isn’t anything new to do.