New Game Releases for 2/16 – 2/22: A Poem

This winter has been quite rough
The snow as high as the temps are low
But lucky for us we are gamers
So we still have fun when there’s nowhere to go

If you like your Victorian Era past
Mixed with a little tech and magic
Then the Order: 1886 should be on your list
Because missing it would definitely be tragic

What if you don’t have a PS4?
Don’t worry, there are games for you too
Draw paths with Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
The latest from Nintendo for Wii U

Or maybe you feel like duking it out
As women who are barely dressed
Dead or Alive 5: Final Round is here
For Xbox One (and also, the rest)

PC players, you aren’t left out
Two sequels are coming your way
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2
And Total War: Attila say “Hey”

That about wraps up this week’s releases
At least all we’re covering for now
There are probably also 20 new indies
But who can keep up with those anyhow?