Weekly Warcraft Wednesday: Healing Tips Part 2, And Let’s Talk Gathering

I continued my adventures in Blackrock Foundry this week and managed to kill both Hans’gar and Franzok, and Beastlord Darmac.  Since I already discussed Hans and Franz last week, let’s talk about the Beastlord.

Healing Beastlord Darmac.

Like many of the boss fights in Warlords of Draenor this is a test of healer efficiency.  It’s another one of these, “conserve, conserve, conserve…ok heal as fast as you can” type of encounters.  You’re probably already aware of how Beastlord works, but in case you’re not here’s a quick rundown.   As you fight him he periodically jumps on different animals around his room.  When he’s on an animal he’s not attackable, the animal must be killed instead.  He then jumps down, fights a bit, and then goes to another animal.  Once all four animals are dead he’s on his own.  Here’s the trick; every animal he gets on grants him a new ability, so at the beginning of the fight healing is really easy, but by then he’s become really dangerous with four new menacing abilities.  So again, you conserve as long as you can, and then once all the animals are dead you heal like there’s no tomorrow.  Some other pro-tips:

  • Don’t get pinned down. It seems like common sense but when you’re trying to manage everyone’s health it can be difficult to notice that he’s throwing a spear at you.  Getting pinned down is literally the worst thing that can happen to you in this fight.  You can’t heal, you take damage, and the DPS has to get off the boss and attack the spear to save you.  The less people get pinned down, the easier the fight.  It’s really that simple.
  • The dragon is the most dangerous of the animals that he can mount and should be dealt with last. His fire breath is very dangerous to anyone in front of him so be wary of your positioning.  That said, the breath can be dispelled so prioritize your tanks and then start dispelling others.
  • Use a channeled mana-pot, and try do so as he transitions off of an animal. Once you see an animal at 5% or less, this is a good time to take your mana-nap.  You want to have as close to full mana as possible when the four animals are done.

Gathering professions are dead, long live gathering professions!

It occurred to me the other day that mining, skinning, and herbalism are largely irrelevant in WoD.  With the mine and the herb garden you end up with a lot of herbs and ore regardless of whether or not you have those professions.  Sure, you won’t ever have stacks and stacks of materials, but here’s the thing…you don’t need them anymore.  Everything that’s worth anything in WoD is based completely (or at least heavily) on your crafting profession’s daily cooldown item.  As an example, a blacksmith can make the Truesteel Breastplate; it requires 100 Truesteel Ingot (the blacksmith daily cooldown item) and a whopping 10 Raw Beast Hide (easily gathered or purchased).  There is no need for any of the ore you would typically go out and mine.  That’s not to say the ore is completely useless, it’s used to produce your daily item, and can be used for work orders to create extra daily cooldown items.  Still, the amount of ore you gather from your mine should be more than enough to cover that.  If you have even one alt, you should be rolling in the stuff.  Even if you don’t, the ore is ridiculously cheap on the auction house (because no one needs it).

“Gathering” professions are irrelevant now, but that’s not to say that there’s nothing to gather.  The new form of gathering professions now come in the form of garrison buildings.  If you have the lumber mill or the barn, you’re probably constantly looking for a few minutes here and there to go cut down some trees or capture a few beasts.  I hate to say it, but this design is truly ridiculous.  Blizzard has trivialized one part of the game only to lean heavily into another (identically designed) part.  Why not just let herbalists gather logs too, and skinners also gather the animals themselves?  I understand the design choice of not wanting to force players to spending time gathering too many different things, but the system was fine the way it was before WoD, now those of us with gathering professions basically have a completely wasted profession slot.