Top 5 Friday: Gaming Goodies From Etsy

I like Etsy.  A lot of what can be found there is very creative, and since it’s becomes such a large community, you can find all manner of goodies themed around whatever your particular interest may be. What’s really great is that communities that might not have been a good market without the internet are now filled with all manner of cool stuff.  So here are some of the coolest gaming related things I found while browsing the site.

(In no particular order)

  1. These Bioshock Inspired Earrings.

I don’t have pierced ears, and these aren’t really the kind of earrings men would wear anyway, but they’re still really, really cool.  As a bonus for you girl gamers who might be on the hunt for a special someone these earrings are subtle enough that can help weed out some of those non-gaming losers.  Any guy who doesn’t recognize the symbols can get lost!

  1. These custom game covers.

I’m known to not be much of a collector when it comes to physical things, especially games, but seeing these covers makes me which I was.  Retro and gorgeous, they make any collection of games instantly beautiful.  Say goodbye to those ugly mismatched game covers and say hello to beautifully designed ones.

  1. This Zelda themed coffee mug.

There are actually a lot of really great gaming related coffee mugs on Etsy, so it was hard to pick just one.  This Legend of Zelda themed mug is awesome though.  As a gamer and a coffee lover I simply do not have enough gaming themed mugs in my life.

  1. This quarter slot night light.

I miss the days when arcades were popular.  Sure, they were loud and obnoxious and they were huge money sinks.  I know that it’s just nostalgia that makes me crave those places.  Still, it’s hard not to the good old days of resting your quarters on the bottom of the screen as a place holder for your turn on a game.  This nightlight is a great throwback to that, and really striking to boot.  It’s an instantly recognizable throwback to another era.

  1. This Mario themed lamp.

It’s advertised as being great for a kid’s room, but my first thought was that it would great over a bar, pool table, or desk.  The piece looks beautiful on or off and looks like it’s capable of hanging like a chandelier or from a wall.  This seems like a definite must for any game room (let’s be honest, for any room at all really), and looks to made with care and quality.