New Releases for 1-26 / 2-1:  You’ll Never Guess What’s Out This Week…

…another zombie survival game. If you haven’t gotten your fill of zombie survival via H1Z1, released a couple of weeks ago, then you’re in luck because we’ve got another one for you; Dying Light for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.  If, however, you’re looking for some lightly more original fare, Life Is Strange (trailer below) is out this week for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.  This adventure game looks really interesting and has been called a cross between a Stephen King novel and Gone Home.  Sign me up for that, please.

Also out this week is Grim Fandango Remastered for the PS4 and Vita, which will hopefully get some much-deserved playtime from a new generation.  If you’re looking to get your cutlass and flintlock pistol fix Raven’s Cry, a swashbuckling piratey action game will all major consoles (minus Wii U) and PC this week.  If it’s puzzlers you’re looking for then this week has a little bit of everything; Pix the Cat, the arcade style puzzler, Nihilumbra, a puzzle platformer, and Unmechanical Extended, another puzzle platformer, are all out this week.  Finally, this week’s winner of the Wait Haven’t I Already Included This In A Previous Release Article?  I Have No Idea Because These Games Have Such Ridiculous Names That It’s Impossible To Keep Up With award goes to Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth 2 – Sisters Generation.  Naturally it’s a JRPG about young girls fighting stuff.  That’s as much information as my brain was able to absorb concerning this game.

Pix The Cat

We’re starting to inch closer to some of those notable spring releases, and clearly the drought of game releases is passing so stay tuned to get all your new release information in the coming weeks!


6 thoughts on “New Releases for 1-26 / 2-1:  You’ll Never Guess What’s Out This Week…

  1. lol but this survival game is from Sony! So you’ll know its awesome! Oh and Dying Light…. I’m kinda not hyped about that. I’ll be honest here and say the only thing I’m really interested in is Pix the Cat. It looks like a game for me and just something different in a world full of story games and zombie games.


    1. PIx The Cat definitely looks interesting. That’s a game I’m definitely going to check out. i can definitely see not getting in the story heavy games, that’s usually not my forte either. As far as zombie survival games go, i’m just over it. They need to just stop making them for a good few years.


      1. That story heavy game from SquareEnix / French developer just looks like it will be awful. Mostly because SquareEnix stories don’t make sense. Enix stories make a lot of sense. Its the Square part that never makes sense. Oh and a French developer always makes me worry.

        Zombie survivals are easy. Point and shoot. Or heck vampire survival. Mutant survival. Someone needs to make a little blue creature survival game 🙂


      2. I really can’t think of a trend that has permeated all forms of media and pop culture so heavily and stayed there for as long as zombies have. It’s crazy it hasn’t burned itself out yet. Maybe part of that is having such a high quality product – The Walking Dead – at the center of it that keeps it so fresh and relevant.


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