New Game Releases for 1/19 – 1/25: Re-REmake…Re-Elected…Re, a Drop of Golden Sun

Resident-Evil-HD-Remaster-2-1280x720Not only is Capcom infamous for milking their franchises, but you could make the case that they’ve been the worst about it with Resident Evil. There were three separate versions of the original game just on the PS1 alone, Resident Evil 2‘s original and Dual Shock editions were released in the same calendar year, and even after Shinji Mikami said he’d cut off his own head before they break their promise that RE4 would remain a GameCube exclusive, it was ported to PS2 (again, the same year), PC and Wii – and of course the eventual obligatory mobile ports and HD edition for PSN and XBL. So it’s pretty easy to take potshots at the company when they announce that they are releasing what is effectively a remake of a remake of the first game. All that said, that 2002 “REmake” is very highly regarded, and Capcom is doing a lot more than just running that version Resident Evil through an HD filter for this new release – remastered 5.1 surround sound, enhanced lighting effects, crisper character models, pan-and-scan to allow for widescreen mode, and optional direct-movement control scheme are among the improvements. It will be available digitally for PC, X360, XB1, PS3 and PS4 (the latter two of which will be cross-buy).

gat_flyWe’re getting double penetrated by Saint’s Row IV this week (sorry, just keeping with the franchise’s style of humor). Saint’s Row IV: Gat out of Hell is a standalone expansion that takes series “hero” Johnny Gat and literally sends him to hell. One of the biggest additions to the SR formula for this adventure is Johnny’s ability to fly, expanding on SRIV‘s glide mechanic by allowing you to flap your wings five times before you need to touch ground.  You can either download the game for X360, PS3 and PC, or it comes bundled with Saint’s Row IV: Re-Elected, the first PS4/XB1 version of SRIV and the franchise’s debut on new-gen consoles. All of the other DLC that has been released for SRIV will also be included in Re-Elected.

Other notable releases this week include:

Citizens of Eartha role-playing game for PS4, PC, 3DS and Vita
Blackguards 2, a role-playing game for PC
Splice, a puzzle game for PS3 and PS4
Grey Goo, a real time strategy game for PC (and not another Saint’s Row sex joke)


2 thoughts on “New Game Releases for 1/19 – 1/25: Re-REmake…Re-Elected…Re, a Drop of Golden Sun

  1. This new trend that they’re calling “stand-alone expansions” really bugs me. That term is an oxymoron. It’s either a stand alone game, or it’s an expansion to an existing game that requires said game. By definition it can’t be both. The same confusion was true of Blood Dragon. Is it an expac? Is it it’s own game? Even though it’s a stand alone product, do I need to own Far Cry 3? It’s so annoying, just call it a separate release if that’s what it is.

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    1. Game companies have been struggling with how to handle these smaller, in-between games for years now. Some say the two Assassin’s Creed games between 2 and 3 should’ve just been budget-priced expansions for AC2 instead of standalone, full-priced games. Halo 3: ODST was supposed to just be an expansion to Halo until they supposedly got too ambitious and made it more of its own game, which to me just sounds like “We decided we wanted to be able to charge more than $15-$20 for it.” I liked the idea of the two major expansions to GTA4 – until I saw how much they were charging for them. I paid almost as much for Vice City AND San Andreas as both of those expansions cost together, and they took place in GTA4’s Liberty City rather than three completely separate and full-sized cities like VC and SA. As with so much in the still very new digital landscape, consistency abounds and nobody knows what the hell to do and everyone is still winging it from one release to the next. And clearly, we’re no closer to a consensus on any of this than we were in the dawn of the digital era.


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