New Releases for 1/12 – 1/18

Another January week, another minimal crop of new releases.  A couple of weeks ago we had absolutely no releases, so I got to at least write up some funny non-sense, but this week there is just enough that I feel the need to be slightly serious (sigh).

Disorder comes to PC this week, and it should be an interesting, if not a bit controversial title.  It’s a puzzle-platformer about the struggles of depression.  While that topic isn’t completely foreign to video games, the last time most of us thought of it was in the form of Depression Quest which, as you might know, was created by Zoe Quinn, the titular figure in the Gamergate situation.  So, can Disorder rise above it’s unfortunate link to Gamergate?  I suppose we’ll see.  The game actually looks quite good, so hopefully it can be appreciated (or not) on it’s own merits.

In addition to Disorder, Joe Danger 2: The Movie is out this week.  A sequel to the original, you can create your own action movie, scene by scene, with ole Joe as your stuntman.  Out for the Vita, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, you can pick it up on January 13th.

Finally, H1Z1 wins this week’s award for Please, Please Stop Making Zombie Survival MMO Games.  No One Wants / Needs Another Day Z.  The incredibly cleverly titled zombie survival MMO hits Steam early access this week because… why not.  So if you’re into crawling through the grass in your underpants only to get axed to death by another player who just happened to pass by you, you’re in luck.  You can play yet another zombie apocalypse sim.


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