Weekly Warcraft Wednesday: Money, Money, Money.

LFR is really easy.

I’ve tried to get my LFR runs in for the last couple of weeks, and I’ve noticed that this time around the raid feels strikingly easy.  LFR has never been known for it’s difficulty, but I remember at least a few times in the early part of Mist of Pandaria when where groups would have trouble with some bosses that had punishing mechanics.  This time around it has felt like a complete face roll right from my first attempt.  I don’t believe I’ve wiped on a single boss except for Ko’Ragh which happened only once.

Heroics are pointless.

Because of the ease of LFR, the value of running heroic dungeons has dropped considerably.  This was the case in MoP as well, but it feels a lot more pronounced this time around.  With the exclusion of valor and justice points, the only real reason to run a heroic dungeon anymore is to get the item level required to get into LFR.  This is made even worse by the fact that it doesn’t take much to level up your followers to the point that they’re regularly bringing you back item level 630 gear from their missions (the same found in the heroics).  I would say that I’ve gathered about 75-80% of my gear from sources other than heroic dungeons.  I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much, as heroics have been the bane of my WoW existence lately, but I can’t help but feel like heroics are a huge piece of content that players just skip over now.  This is something Blizzard should take note of and either fix, or get rid of.  If players aren’t going to run heroics, why spend the man hours to create so many of them?

Fishing makes BANK!

Want to make some quick gold?  Level your fishing.  As I said last week, I leveled up my fishing and have been doing a little here and there.  Fish sell for quite a bit, as does Worm Supreme, the +200 fishing bait that you occasionally fish up. In addition, if you’ve also leveled up first aid (which, by the way, can easily be leveled using fish now) you can make health pots.  That’s right, health pots are no longer tied to alchemy, but are available to anyone who chooses to level up first aid.  All that’s needed to make these health pots are a few pieces of easily accessible fish, and they sell for a lot more than you’d expect.  Last I checked they were going for 100g for 20.  It takes about ten minutes to fish up enough to make several stacks, so if you’re looking for a quick buck, that’s my tip!

So does Savage Blood.

Savage Blood, not to be confused with Randy Savage Blood which is far more powerful, OOOOOH YEEEEEEAH!

If you’re still in need of money, you can always sell savage blood, a practice I’ve become well acquainted with.  It seems that all of the gear crafting professions need savage blood, but as I’m an alchemist, I have no use for them.  I also don’t have much use for primal spirit.  Given that, I’ve taken to trading my primal spirit for savage blood and selling the blood on the auction house for upwards of 1,000g a piece.  From my level 3 mine and level 3 herb garden I end up with enough primal spirits to trade for a savage blood about once every two days.  Between the bloods and the health pots I’ve found quite the nice way to make a some extra gold here with very minimal effort.

Why bother with all that gold?

Amassing large amounts of gold isn’t much fun if you have nothing to spend it on, right?  Well, you’re in luck there because the auction house is flooded with epic equipment these days.  Farming Highmaul trash mobs for their bind-on-equip items seems to be the thing to.  As such, there is a lot of quality gear on the AH if you have the cash (usually over 10,000g).  It’ll boost your item level quite nicely, providing yet another means to circumvent the old gear progression system of heroic dungeons.  With my little gold making strategy, I could probably afford to buy a new piece once a week or so, which provides a great return on investment considering the very small amount of time it takes.  The auction house epics also provide a great way upgrade that particular stubborn item that you can’t ever seem to find an upgrade for.