Weekly Warcraft Wednesday:  A Very Draenor Christmas

This past week I was out of town on Wednesday – which also just happened to be Christmas Eve – so I decided to take a break from the blog for a couple of days.  That means it’s been two weeks since my last report from the world of Azeroth (and beyond).  I’ve done a lot since then and I’m happy to say that my little tirade from a few weeks ago feels like ancient history.

The current state of tanks.

Given my rant a couple weeks ago, it’s hard to imagine that I’d ever step foot in another dungeon, but I did.  After a few days away from instances I decided to get back on the horse and give it another go.  I was greeted by tank after tank who chain pulled the instance, made no attempt to slow down, and sometimes flat out ignored my request to stop and regen some mana.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that if you know that this is how things are, you can more easily just accept it.  A few tanks were nice people, but for the most part tanks in WoW have become bottom feeders; players who are queuing up for a dungeon as a tank spec only so they don’t have to wait in line with the rest of the DPS.  It’s annoying, and it has lowered the overall caliber of player that chooses to tank, but it is what it is.  As long as you understand that tanks have become real jerks then you won’t be surprised when the tank for your dungeon turns out to be just that.  To all you nice tanks out there, keep up the good work!

Garrisons (and followers) are really important.

My item level has jumped way up since last I blogged.  I was probably sitting at about 618 or so a couple of weeks ago and now I’m up to about 632.  I ran my fair share of heroics to get some better stuff, but more gear than I expected came from follower missions.  Once my followers hit 100 I started outfitting them with the little bonus items they bring back from their missions and from salvage.  Once I started getting followers of a high enough item level they started getting better missions with better rewards.  Before I knew it they were bringing back 630 gear pretty often.  Of all the 630 gear I’m wearing, the vast majority of it is from followers.  In addition, it’s come to my attention that the item level of your followers has either no cap or a very high cap.  Some trade discussion (believe it or not it was productive) yielded a bit of insight that the symbiotic relationship between follower items level and the type of loot they bring back from quests doesn’t just stop at level 630 gear.  Continuing to raise your followers’ item levels will continue to reap more and more benefits from their missions.  Players were talking about 645 gear they were receiving from quests which, at the time, seemed ludicrous.  It makes sense from a long-term progression standpoint though.  At some point all of your followers will be 100 and then they’ll all be epic and from there what’s left?  It makes sense that their item levels have such an impact on your own progression.

I fished…a lot.

looks about right


Sunday was our first day back from a long week of holiday traveling so I bounced between playing Metal Gear Solid 4 and fishing in WoW while watching football.  I managed to get my fishing to max level during my football time and get Nat Pagle to come hang out at my garrison.  He’s now officially my follower and he’s pretty cool.  In addition to all the normal benefits of fishing, WoD fishing has some unique benefits.  For one, health pots are now part of First Aid, not alchemy, and the only ingredient required to make them is fish.  This means that anyone with fishing and first aid can make their own health pots instead of having to rely on the astronomical price on the auction house.  That said, the price on the auction house is still astronomical because no one fishes.  What’s more, having max fishing allows you catch “enormous” versions of the WoD fish which yield extra fish meat.  This means that in a pretty short amount of time you can make several stacks of health potions to sell.  All in all, fishing is still a very boring exercise in WoW, but it’s benefits are more tangible than ever.  I’d highly recommend taking the time to level the skill, especially if you have access to a second screen you can use to watch something.  It can actually become quite hypnotically relaxing.

The legendary quest line is pretty cool.

Two main things prompted me to start trying dungeons again.  First, I wanted to get my garrison’s inn to level 3 which required me to complete a bunch of heroic dungeon quests.  Second, I wanted to continue the legendary story line.  After an afternoon of running heroic after heroic, I had completed both goals, but the road certainly wasn’t over then.  Upon completing the dungeon quests I was then led down a series of other tasks that ended up taking me to Nagrand.  I won’t spoil it for you, but the next part was pretty cool.  After all of that you then get some raid quests, similar to the ones from the MoP legendary quest line.  You’ll be collecting lots and lots of stones from Highmaul, so get ready for some serious raiding if you want to progress to the next stage!

Next week.

I keep meaning to talk about pet battles, some gripes I have with the garrison design, and some other stuff I’ve been doing, so stay tuned for next week’s edition of *queue massive reverb* WEEKLY WARCRAFT WEDNESDAY!