New Releases for 12/29/2014 – 1/4/2015:  THIS IS IT FOLKS!

Well, this is it for 2014 people.  This is the final week of releases.  By this time next week we’ll already be deep into the discussion for 2015 game of the year (spoilers:  it’s obviously The Last Guardian).  Never fear though, we’ve got a fat line up of new releases for you this week.

Valve dropped the bomb on us during the Holiday Steam sale that the Three Box would be available on Tuesday, December 30th.  The box will include Half-Life 3, Dota 3, Left 4 Dead 3, Counter-Stike 3, and Team Fortress 3.  It’s hard to imagine that something so amazing could be real, right?

In addition there is a new Metroid game, and it’s 2D but it’s got all kinds of 3D cool stuff and totally uses the Wii U gamepad to the fullest so that all you retro losers can stop complaining.  The new Zelda is out and its simultaneously the best and worst Zelda game ever made.  If you don’t like it though you can pick up the 4K remake which will be available the same day.  It includes the exact same game, just uprezzed and with a special rose-colored filter so that you can remember the content as though it was perfect regardless of how you felt about it at the time.

The Oculus Rift is also out this week and comes complete with the unit, two controllers, a game cartridge with not one, but two games, and an Ocuzapper gun.  The set also includes reusable barf bags and Dramamine for players who enjoy the experience a little too much.

IDK. I’ve lost all control over this blog post.

Finally, there’s a new JRPG / 2D Fighter / Dating Sim / Visual Novel / Table Flipping Game out this week aptly named Final Gear Awakening #rEtread @aliciousness: The Grand Sun Angers – Divided by NeGative Zero Infinite Crossover Edition.  It’s only out on the Vita though because player base.

Seriously…there is nothing out this week.  Anyway, why do you care?  Go play with your brand new Christmas gift, gosh!  Oh, and leave a comment with your coolest gaming related Christmas gift.  Mine: a super sweet t-shirt featuring old school Nintendo controllers.