Top 5 Friday: (Slightly Less) Outlandish Predictions for 2015.

In March of this year I decided to do my Top 5 Outlandish Predictions for 2014

.  There are still a few weeks left in 2014 but it looks as though I was pretty far off the mark.  I mean, they were supposed to be outlandish so I don’t feel too bad about it.  I really enjoyed making that list though, and I felt bad that I didn’t get around to it until March, so this time I’m getting out ahead of things and making my list now.  So, let’s see what kind of ludicrous crap ideas I have about next year.

  1. 2015 will be a banner year for gaming.

    The Legend of Zelda (Wii U).

Let’s be honest, this prediction isn’t that outlandish, at least when compared to the year we’ve just had.  If you’re a follower of our blog or our YouTube channel you’re undoubtedly aware of my disdain for a large number of supposed game-changing titles this year.  So in my opinion it’s not going to take all that much for 2015 to feel like we’re having a great year.

Here is a very incomplete list of games we should see in 2015:  The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Evolve, Bloodborne, Mortal Kombat X, Batman: Arkham Knight, Halo 5: Guardians, Hyper Light Drifter, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, SOMA, untitled The Legend of Zelda game, Uncharted 4.  That’s one heck of a list, and there’s a lot more I could have put on there.  Don’t get me wrong, 2014 had a nice list on paper too, but it wasn’t nearly as long.  We banked a lot on Watch Dogs and Destiny being absolute knock-outs.  They weren’t.

Likelihood:  Truthfully, probably pretty good.  Look at that list, there are a lot of games on there.  At least a few of them are sure to hit the mark, right?  I’d say, 75% that I’m right.

Why it probably won’t happen:  The cynic in my says that after a year like 2014, we’re just destined to get crap games for a while.  Until the we as gamers stop buying garbage, we’ll undoubtedly get fed garbage.  I’m not sure I can completely believe that, but it certainly feels that way sometimes.

  1. Fallout 4 will not only get announced, but also released.

I’m trying not to carry over predictions from last year, but I’ve decided to do this one.  It’ll be the only one, I promise.  Ok so…I don’t think that predicting the announcement of Fallout 4 is very outlandish at all actually.  If anything, it’s probably expected.  I am going to go out on a limb though and say that I believe we’ll see the game released this year.  The reason I’m even making the prediction is because I think Bethesda needs to do something big to make up for the dismal showing of The Elder Scrolls Online.

Likelihood:  Again, the I put the likelihood of the announcement at like 90%.  The likelihood of the game actually being released though, I’d put that at about 10%.

Why it probably won’t happen:  The only reason not to announce Fallout 4 this year is would be that it’s really that far behind in development.  If we don’t see it this year, I’ll be pretty disappointed and I think it will be pretty telling of where things are at for the series and for Bethesda.

  1. Gamergate will finally go away.

If you’re a gaming enthusiast you’re probably sick of gamergate.  In fact, you’ve probably been sick of gamergate since about two weeks after gamergate started, right?  Yeah, me too.  2014 hasn’t been a great year in games, and it’s been made even worse by this new albatross that seems to be around our collective neck.  Every time it seems like things are blowing over, something else happens that sparks the debate again (if you can even call it that anymore).  I feel like this prediction is more wishful thinking than anything, but I still have to hope.

Likelihood:  I’m saying 50%.  If we can collectively chill out, then the media will leave us alone and those who are spouting hyperbole and hate speech will have little reason do so anymore as their platform will have disappeared.  It depends highly on how the community as a whole reacts to flare ups from here on out.

Why it probably won’t happen:  This is the massive cynic in me talking but the two main groups at fault here are those who are out to stir up trouble (the ones who like to send death threats, etc…) and those who profit from said trolls (the social justice warriors).  As long as there is money and fame to be had the Anita Sarkeesian’s of the world will stay involved.  And as long as there are feathers to ruffle, the anonymous internet trolls of the world will continue to dox, threaten, and harass people.

  1. Both Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus will be released.

Oculus Rift has garnered a lot of attention over the last couple of years, and rightfully so.  It might just revolutionize how we play games.  Not to be outdone, Sony has unveiled their own VR headset entitled Project Morpheus.  I don’t believe it’s incredibly outlandish to think that we’ll see the release of the Oculus Rift in 2015 as they’ve already stated that this is the plan.  Barring any major development issues, we should see it on store shelves by the end of the year.  Project Morpheus though, that seems a bit more unlikely.  Obviously Sony is going to work hard to push their technology out in line with the Oculus Rift as not to get left behind, but it seems like their development is still pretty far behind.

Likelihood:  I’d say that there’s an 80% chance that we see the Oculus Rift next year, and a 20% chance that we see Project Morpheus.  I think that if we don’t see Morpheus in 2015 though, we’ll almost certainly see it the next year.

Why it probably won’t happen:  This technology is pretty nuts.  There is still so much to work out.  Even though I gave the Oculus Rift an 80% chance of coming out, I’m still not going to be all that surprised if it gets delayed.  Plus, now that Facebook owns the company, there might also be some weird corporate reason to hold it back for the time being.

  1. Current gen consoles will be worth buying.

I’m sure there will be the contingent of people claiming that I’m simply trolling here but I’m honestly not.  In my personal opinion there has been little reason to buy a current gen console yet.  Watch Dogs, Call of Duty, and Assassin’s Creed, all came to the PC.  Destiny was met with mixed reviews.  Sunset Overdrive is quite possibly the only game out there that I either a) can’t get somewhere else and b) looks really awesome.  2015 could be the year to turn things for current gen consoles though.  Then again, it might not.  As we stand right now there are a few games coming out for consoles only that might be amazing.  Several of next year’s titles are also going to be available on PC though.  Which of next year’s games end up being great will go a long way in determining whether I personally feel the need to invest in a console.

Likelihood50%.  There are a lot of good looking games coming out next year, but will enough of the console only titles be great that a console will become a must-buy, it seems like a complete toss up.

Why it probably won’t happen:  I’m a PC guy at heart, so I can’t deny that it’ll probably take a bit more to convince me than it might other gamers.  There is also the question of which console to get, should they both prove to be worthy possibilities.  With so many of next year’s big titles also coming to PC though, I’m guessing that ultimately I’ll have little reason to cheat on my true love.