New Game Releases for 12/01-12/07: Nintendo, Ubisoft and Borderlands Aren’t Done With Us Yet

It seems as though the big fall game rush is already behind us, as there aren’t 95 different games releasing this week. However, even with most of 2014’s heaviest hitters already available on store shelves, there are a few more Christmas list-worthy titles trickling out in the year’s final weeks.

Remember those fun Toad puzzle levels in Super Mario 3D World? Nintendo has decided to make a whole game out of those, and that’s basically what Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Wii U) is. Other than the odd choice to make it a single player-only affair, Captain Toad should be just what Wii U fans need to cool off between intense Super Smash Bros. battles – or if you just don’t have any friends and need a solo game to play.

Are two different Borderlands spin-off games in two months enough to make the presumably long wait until Borderlands 3 more bearable? Well, they’ll have to be. And in case the Pre-Sequel was a little too been-there, looted-that for your taste, you can always go for Telltale’s more adventurey approach to that world with the first episode of Tales from the Borderlands (available for pretty much every non-Nintendo platform).

Ubisoft have been quite the busy beavers this year, and they’re capping off their hat trick of AAA action/adventure games with their ambitious massively multiplayer online open-world racing game (try saying that one time fast) The Crew for both Xboxes, PS4, and PC. Let’s just hope they have a better handle on how to do online racing than the developers of Driveclub.

Other notable releases this week:

Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 Remix, PS3
Ultimate NES Remix, 3DS
Dreamfall Chapters, PC / PS4
Motorcycle Club, PS3 / PS4
Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy, Vita
Limbo, XB1