New Releases for Oct 6 – Oct 12: Exclusives Week!

As I mentioned back at the end of August, big game season is upon us, and the larger titles continue to pour out.  Some of them seem to have even snuck out with less fanfare than I would have expected.  First up we have Alien: Isolation, the highly anticipated survival-horror game set in the Alien universe.  Available on virtually everything that isn’t made by Nintendo or a handheld, it should be relatively easy to get your hands on.  Next we’ve got the PS4 exclusive, Driveclub.  With some interesting new cooperative twists on the old familiar driving game, this title should be a solid pick up for PS4 owners clambering for some action behind the wheel.  Not to be outdone by a PS4 exclusive, the Xbox One is getting the hugely ambitious Project Spark this week.  Little Big Planet and Minecraft seem to be heavy influences on this player generated sandbox title, so if you’re into creating and sharing content, and you need a reason to boot up the ole XBone, Project Spark might be just what you’re looking for.

That’s not all that’s out this week though.  NBA 2K15 is out this week, as well as the PS4 port of Spelunky.  The Pacman-esque Pix The Cat makes it to PS4 and Vita this week.  Costume Quest 2 debuts on the Wii U.  And in the Wait, this is a thing?  Why is this a thing? category we have Duck Dynasty, the game.