Five Best Games to Play in Autumn

When I say that fall is my favorite season, I don’t mean that I like it a bit more than the other season.  I pretty much live for fall.  The crisp air, the changing leaves, Halloween, caramel apples.  I love all of it.  So when fall time comes around every year I have a gaming tradition (we’ll get to that a bit later).  Said gaming tradition got me thinking about what games always tend to remind me of fall time, and which ones just feel right to play during this wonderful season.  Here’s my list of the five go-to fall games.

(A quick side-note: You may notice that I’ve left off games that are directly horror or Halloween themed…don’t worry, that list is coming.)

5.  Minecraft

I find Minecraft to be an incredibly satisfying game.  I love the exploration and the building.  I love the freedom.  There is something really fun about what Minecraft does around Halloween though.  The jack-o-lanterns, the pumpkin themed chests; its great fun.  Plus, for some weird unexplainable reason, there is something really satisfying about making a cozy little cottage during fall.

4.  Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is on this list purely for aesthetic purposes.  Sure, it’s an awesome game but it’s the game’s look that gets me feeling all autumnal.  Act I in particular just feels like fall.  The spooky forest, the skeletons, the zombies; it’s just so wonderfully…fall-y.  To me, Diablo 3 is about as close as you can get to playing a Halloween themed game without actually playing a Halloween themed game.

3.  Madden

I know that we here at the Chi-Scroller don’t give a whole lot of love to sports games, but come on…it’s fall time.  What’s says fall more than football (if you’re an American, at least)?  Once the NFL season kicks off it’s damn hard not to want to sit down and start pounding out those rushing yards truck sticking through helpless defenders.  Truth be told I haven’t actually played a Madden game in probably about three years, but every single year I still have that pull to go buy the newest incarnation and delve into some serious pigskin action.

2.  Metal Gear Solid Final Fantasy VII

It was too hard to choose between Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII.  Sure, I could have put them both on the list, but they both kind of represent the same thing to me so they’re being counted as one entry, deal with it.  Why are these games on the list, exactly?  You see, Final Fantasy VII was released on September 7th, 1997 and Metal Gear Solid was released on September 3rd, 1998.  These two games, coming out almost exactly one year apart, represent probably the two most influential games in my development as a gamer.  Both came out it fall too, which meant that fall of ’97 was spent grinding levels and gathering material and fall ’98 was spent stealthily working my way through the compound on Shadow Moses Island.  It is utterly impossible for me to think about fall gaming and not include these titles.

1.  Skyrim

Remember that fall gaming tradition I mentioned?  It’s playing Skyrim.  No matter how many times I’ve beaten the game, or how many different characters I’ve made, every year at fall time I have this yearning to just sit down with a nice Oktoberfest ale or a cup of hot mulled wine and play some Skyrim.  The geographic flow of the game, leading you from the southern part of the province up to the north gives the game this fantastic feeling of moving from autumn through to winter.  There is something about starting out in southern Skyrim with its beautiful autumnal foliage and working your way north to the snowy peaks of the north.  It doesn’t hurt that everything else about the game seems to ooze fall time.  The food, the attire, even the voice acting somehow makes me think of fall.  And of course the game is absolutely awesome anyway, so it’s not like it’s a drag to play.