New Releases: 9/8 – 9/14

GUYS!!!!  Destiny is out this week!  There aren’t a lot of other releases, but who cares, right?  The big one is here; the game of 2014.  The game that is about to change the world.  Ok so maybe I went a little heavy on the hyperbole, but seriously, Destiny is a pretty big deal.  If you’ve got a console, previous or current gen, you’re probably getting pretty excited.  Personally, I’m more interested in people’s reaction to the game than the game itself.  2014 has been a year filled with some massive hype trains that have barely petered into the station.  Games like Watch Dogs have proven that just because it looks great on paper, doesn’t mean it’s going to blow your eyeballs out of your skull.  So let’s see what Bungie has for us.  Hopefully we won’t be disappointed.  No pressure guys.

If a brand new IP from the team that brought you the Halo franchise isn’t up your alley there’s always hockey.  NHL 15 is out this week for all major consoles (minus the Wii U).  And if you’re a PC gamer and you can get your hands on Fable Anniversary.  Last but not least, you Wii U owners will be getting Teslagrad, the beautiful steam-punk platformer.