Hey! Can We Please Pay Attention To Real News Stories.

So I got up this morning and I came into my office and I did my typical routine.  I checked r/gaming.  Lo and behold, what’s the big hub-bub again today?  Zoe.  Fucking.  Quinn.  I wrote an article defining my position on the matter a couple of days ago, so I’m not going to rehash that. Here’s what really pisses me off though.  While everyone seems to still be all up in arms over this stupid petty bullshit, things like this are getting missed.  While we’re all so mad over the alleged unethical bullshit going on with game journalism, people seem to be completely missing stories like what’s happening with The Sims 4.

We as gamers need to stop losing our shit over the small stuff and start paying attention to the big stuff.  EA isn’t the first company to refuse to give review copies of a game to journalists before release, and they certainly won’t be the last.  It’ll probably happen again before the year is out.  That type of activity is so much more important than the current petty drama-fest that seems to be captivating the general gaming audience.

By denying journalists the opportunity to play The Sims 4 before release, EA effectively silence 100% of day 1 criticism.  If you’re a gamer who is excited about The Sims 4, but you’d like a little guidance before you buy it, well you’re out of luck for at least several days (if not longer).  Sure, a few days isn’t the end of the world, but why should you as a gamer be denied access to reviews for even one second, when the general policy is to release reviews on day one.  With EA’s recent track record for releasing completely broken games (especially on PC), how is this not THE story right now?

Pop quiz. 

Which game do you think will sell more copies?

  1. Depression Quest
  2. The Sims 4

Given the amount of copies sold, which scandal is more important to us as gamers?

  1. Zoe Quinn shenanigans.
  2. EA review embargo.

If you answered B to both of those questions then congratulations, you’re not a fucking idiot.  As I stated in my previous post, Zoegate is completely irrelevant.  This garbage with EA though, is a whole different story.  And if you want to get all conspiracy theory, do you think it’s completely coincidental that EA chose now to release this information, in the midst of everyone losing their minds over some other scandal?  I sure don’t.  What better time to try and slip this through than during some other shitstorm.

My wife loves The Sims franchise.  She’ll be one of those people dying to buy that game on day one.  She’ll be one of those people who is really angry that she can’t get a single piece of professional opinion on whether or not its worth $60.  And for the record, if you have to circumvent the typical review process, then it’s a safe bet that your game isn’t worth the number on the price tag.