Video: We Play The Legend of Zelda (pt 7): Spousal Abuse Is a Real Thing.

In this episode Chris and I discuss my wife’s propensity to give me shit over Dark Souls.  Oh, and we STILL don’t find level 2.

About Steve Zachmann (Chi-Scroller)

Hobbyist (hopefully professional someday) game programmer. Find me at @stevezachmann


  1. She made you chuck your Nintendo Power mags? No wonder she is now an ex-girlfriend.


    • It’s funny, because I’m such a huge nerd that it’s things like that that I have the most anger towards ex girlfriends about. Another ex, the thing I’m probably most angry with her about to this day is that we went to E3, saw Shigeru Miyamoto, she took my picture with him…and it didn’t turn out. Like it was black, there was nothing. Who screws up a picture that badly in 2005 and isn’t 90 years old???


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