New Game Releases for Aug 4-10: Two New Trilogies Are Born

Two part threes releasing this week turn two game series into bonafide franchises.
First up is the third installment in the action/roleplaying series Sacred. Following up the last full sequel which was released way back in 2008, Sacred 3 (PC, PS3, X360) goes a more streamlined hack-n-slash route than the previous games.

The other trilogy-maker (coincidentally from the same publisher as Sacred 3, Deep Silver) hitting this week is Risen 3: Titan Lords (PC, PS3, X360). This one sticks closer to the RPG roots of its parent series, with a return to the medieval setting of the first game after the pirate-themed detour of Risen 2: Dark Waters.

Those looking for something new and/or not published by Deep Silver can start with the much buzzed about indie game Road Not Taken for PS4. The visually arresting game has you solving puzzles in a forest that has been ravaged by a winter storm, with the environment constantly changing in a roguelike fashion. PC and mobile versions are to follow later this year.

If you want a puzzle game that actually looks as dark and serious as it is, there is also the PS4 and Vita versions of last year’s acclaimed PC puzzle platformer The Swapper.

Finally, oft-neglected Vita owners get two more games to choose from this week: the exclusive Metrico which has you navigating your character across pie charts and other infographics; and the Vita version of the mobile game Table Top Racing from some of the people who have worked on Sony’s WipEout series.