New (and Tasty) Game Releases For July 21-27

Developer Just Add Water had big plans for reinvigorating the more or less dead Oddworld franchise, and unfortunately, those plans have involved a lot of delays and a few outright cancellations. That said, the company is still hard at work on their original goal, and tomorrow comes the first fruits of their labor since the HD remakes of Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath in 2012. Their most ambitious undertaking to date, a complete overhaul of the first Oddworld game – Abe’s Oddysee – hits PS4 under the title Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, with other platforms to follow later this year.

Anyone who is a regular reader or has been following our new YouTube channel knows that Steve is just a little fond of Dark Souls, so he’s no doubt excited that the first chapter of the Dark Souls II DLC trilogy “The Lost Crown” hits PC, PS3, and X360 this week. It’ll be the biggest increase in grinding since prom season.

Nintendo’s decision to sell the Wii U’s updated version of Wii Sports separately by sport wasn’t an awful idea – but then they made it needlessly complicated (and greedy) by having the option to either buy the sports outright or purchase “daily access”, and further confusing things with various periods of free play and the way it showed up on your home screen whether you had the game or not. However, Nintendo is finally making things right by taking all five sports, complete with HD visuals, Wii Motion Plus support, and online play, and putting them together into a single retail version of Wii Sports Club.

Also out this week are the PC version of iOS skateboarding game OlliOlli; point and click PC and Mac adventure game Gods Will Be Watching; and the ancient India-set RPG Unrest for PC.