New Game Releases for July 7-13: The Battle for Game of the Year Begins!

I poked fun at the small amount of games that came out the last time I tackled one of these new releases posts, but little did I know just how bad things were about to get. The infamously slow summer months are TRULY upon us now.


From the creators of Farm Frenzy comes Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death for PC and PS3, an oddly sexual puzzle/hidden object game set in a mystical land. Putting women in corsets in a hidden picture game doesn’t automatically make it a “hidden picture game for adults.” You’re still doing the same thing kids do in Highlights magazine while they are waiting to see their pediatricians, just with some boobs thrown in for no reason.

The long-awaited iOS version of the PC, PS3, Vita, and 3DS motorcycle stunt game Urban Trial Freestyle hits this week, in case you were saying to yourself, “Trials HD and Fusion were good and all, but we haven’t heard the final word on that genre until the makers of My Horse & Me have something to say about it.”

And finally, there’s Terrian Saga: KR-17 for PC and Mac. This fresh, ripped-from-the-headlines title has you piloting a military drone – with an adorable little face – through side-scrolling platform levels battling other drones on a mission to discover the “true enemy.” Spoiler alert: It’s probably Obama. Or George Takei.