Revisiting My Top 5 or: How I Cried Myself to Sleep

Last Friday I listed the top 5 things I wanted to see at E3 this year

.  Either my list sucked or E3 sucked.  I’m going to go with E3 sucking as to not feel quite so bad.  At any rate, I felt like it would be fun (or painful) to revisit my top 5 and see how many of my dreams came true (spoilers: not many).

5.  More MK X Info.

One of Mortal Kombat X’s new characters, D’Vorah.

Ok, we’re starting off pretty good.  We got a bunch of new MK X info, which I detailed in a post here.  The gameplay looks pretty fantastic, and the new features and additions seem like great innovations for a franchise that is beginning to become the face of the genre.

4.  Destiny for PC.

I knew this probably wasn’t going to happen, but I’m still sad that it didn’t.  There is a good chance that because of this I’ll not really play Destiny at all.  If it proves to be as fantastic a game as it might be, I’ll be pretty sad about that.  The closer we get to the launch of that game though, the more generic and bland it begins to look.  That could very well be sour grapes, I’m aware.  I’m just not that smitten with what Destiny seems to be though.

3.  A reason to buy a new console.

This badass.

Ok, this is a tricky one to answer.  First, I absolutely did find a reason to buy a new console, just not one made by Sony or Microsoft.  Nintendo’s showing at E3 2014, specifically the new Legend of Zelda, makes me feel very much like buying a Wii U is something I should do.  It seems like that platform is quickly becoming a really solid player if all you’re looking for is great games (and not cable box functions or TwitchTV, or NFL network access or Twitter or …you get the picture).

2.  News on Cyberpunk 2077.

No CDPR, you brought the wrong game.

Nope, mums the word.  As far as I could tell there was literally zero E3 2014 news on Cyberpunk 2077.  In hindsight, I suppose it makes more sense than I originally wanted.  The Witcher 3 is the hot product for CD Projekt Red right now.  It’s the game they’re shipping next year, it’s their flagship franchise, and it’s what they need to push.  Cyberpunk 2077 is a game for another year.  WHY DID YOU RELEASE THAT TRAILER THEN YOU DICKS!!!!

1.  A (proper) new Bethesda game.

Last Friday when I wrote this column the mention of a “proper” Bethesda game was a tongue-in-cheek jab at The Elder Scrolls Online.  I never expected that Bethesda would indeed unveil a brand new game, but that this new game would still fall into the category of not being a proper Bethesda game.  They unveiled a new game alright, but it wasn’t a Fallout game, and it wasn’t an Elder Scrolls game, and it wasn’t some new IP being helmed by Todd Howard.  No, it was Battlecry, some kind of multiplayer melee combat game set in a world with not gunpowder and..