New Game Releases for June 9 – 15: Yep, Some Games Are Actually Coming Out This Week

It’s not the worst idea in the world to release your game during one of the 51 weeks of the year that E3 isn’t going on, and it seems that all but a few brave souls heeded that advice.

One reason you would have to release a game this week is that in coincides with a movie that hits theaters this Friday, which is why How To Train Your Dragon 2 for Wii U, X360, PS3, and 3DS comes out tomorrow.

Also this week, we see the FPS genre return to the well-worn – but largely avoided in recent years – WWII setting with the title Enemy Front for X360, PS3, and PC. It comes to us from the developers of Sniper: Ghost Warrior, which I’ll leave up to you to decide what you want to do with that information.

If neither of those games are going to draw you away from E3 coverage, well here’s a few more that probably won’t either: 1001 Spikes for XBLA, Space Run for PC, and Pulstar for PC and Mac.