Top 5 Friday: Things I Want to See at E3

5.  More MK X Info.

On Monday, we posted the MK X announce trailer, and I was very excited to see it.  Now that we know the game exists though, it’s time to find out a little bit more about it.  It’s an MK game, so it will be a fighter obviously, but beyond that I’m pretty intrigued.  Will the story continue from where the MK 9 story ended?  Will X retell the story again, only differently this time around?  What new characters will there be?  What characters will return?  There are a few tidbits teased in the press release that only have my appetite even wetter for MK X information.

4.  Destiny for PC.


I know that it’s most likely not going to happen, at least not any time soon, but I really want to hear the announcement that Destiny will be coming to the PC.  See, I’m primarily a PC gamer, but if Destiny is great, I’d be more than happy to plunk down the cash to pick up a new console and play it.  The problem is, my (soon-to-be) wife is also a gamer, and we traditionally play games together as much as we can.  This presents a really crappy choice for me then…I either buy two of the console needed to play the game (that’s way too expensive for our budget), or just skip the game entirely (sigh).  Now, I realize I could just buy the game and play it myself, and then she could play it herself, but it might just be too painful.  We’re both huge Borderlands fans, and huge WoW fans.  Destiny almost seems like a melding of those two games, so not being able to enjoy it the way we’ve enjoyed Borderlands and WoW is going to hurt…real bad.

3.  A reason to buy a new console.

YE…wait…no, that’s not quite what I’m looking for.

If Destiny were simply a single-player game, I might be sold on the idea of getting a new console.  Sure, the game is still months away, and there is no guarantee that the hype train will automatically equal a fantastic game — *cough* Watch Dogs *cough* — but it sure looks like a winner.  That said, Destiny isn’t a single-player game, and right now there simply isn’t anything that has me so impressed that I simply must own a new console.  If anything, The Order: 1886 looks pretty great, and from what I understand, the in-game graphics are very impressive.  It will be a PS4 exclusive, so that’s a reason to be excited to own a PS4, but The Order is also another cover based shooter.  I’m not sure if I want to spend the money for a new console just to play another 10 hour, single-player cover-based shooter.  For E3 this year I’m looking for a reason to feel like I MUST own a new console.  Please Sony, please Microsoft, sell me something worth buying, I’m begging you.

2.  News on Cyberpunk 2077.

Moar plz.

CD Projekt Red is most likely gearing up to do some serious pushing for The WItcher 3: Wild Hunt.  From everything I’ve heard, that game is supposed to coming along quite well.  It was quite a while ago that CDPR decided to drop that Cyberpunk 2077 trailer though, so I feel like it’s high time that we get some more information about what that game actually is.  I’m a fan of CDPR’s work, and of the cyberpunk setting (admittedly, I’ve never played the pen and paper RPG from which the game takes it’s origin), so I’m really excited to find out more about what Cyberpunk 2077 is.

1.  A (proper) new Bethesda game.

This would be nice.


I’m a much bigger fan of The Elder Scrolls than I am of Fallout, but at this point I could really care less which franchise makes an appearance, provided that the game looks and plays like a Bethesda game.  I desperately need more Bethesda games in my life, bugs and glitches, and sloppiness and all.  That said, we all know what kind of game I’m talking about here.  Bethesda, you better not show up at E3 with any of that week-ass MMO bullshit or we’re going to have serious beef.