New Game Releases: June 2 – June 8

Several interesting titles are dropping this week, so I’m going to go platform by platform in hopes that it helps separate them a bit.


Some of the Wildstar races.

Wildstar, the MMO from Carbine Studios drops on Tuesday (6/3), although you can get in on the headstart if you’ve pre-ordered the game.  I actually did pre-order Wildstar and am enjoying the hell out of it.  Murdered: Soul Suspect, the supernatural action-adventure game from Airtight Games is out Tuesday.  With an interesting premise (solving your own murder as a ghost), I sincerely hope that this game comes out well because I’d love to see more like it.  In addition, the Terraria-esque Crea is available Tuesday.  If you’re a fan of sandbox games, it has the look and feel of Terraria but with some interesting rpg elements and leveling thrown in.


Murdered: Soul Suspect

The PS4 will also be getting Murdered: Soul Suspect (you’ll begin noticing a trend here) as well as well as a new Worms game.  Worms Battlegrounds continues to refine the tried-and-true 2d action of the series.


Ultra Street Fighter IV

Murdered: Soul Suspect is coming to the PS3 (obviously).  The PS3 will also see the release of Ultra Street Fighter IV, because why not.  This updated release will include five new characters, six new stages, some improvements to the combo system, and a new training room.

XBox One

…Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect;  I”m not sure if you’ve heard of this game, but it’ll be released on XBox One this week.

XBox 360

Ultra Murdered: Soul Suspect 4

The XBox 360 will also be getting Ultra Street Fighter IV as well as…drum roll please…Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Wii U / 3DS

Mario Kart 8

Both Nintendo platforms are void of releases this week, but that’s fine because hopefully Mario Kart 8 is keeping you busy.