New Game Releases for May 26 – June 1

What is sure to be the subject of a future “Chicago Moments In Gaming History” piece, Ubisoft’s open world action game set in an alternate-universe Windy City, Watch Dogs, comes out this week for PC, PS3, PS4, X360, and XBone.

Wii U owners shouldn’t be TOO upset over missing out on Watch Dogs, as they get to take to the road in Mario Kart 8. Early word is that it is one of the more exciting Mario Kart games in recent memory – some even say one of the best ever – so at least Nintendo is keeping up their end of the bargain by putting out solid Wii U games…even if hardly anyone else is.

If you own a PlayStation Vita and you like platformers, you should definitely pick up the Sly Cooper Collection this week. It gathers all three of the fantastic Sly Cooper games for PS2, which sat unfairly in the shadow of Jak and Ratchet.

And finally, the latest franchise to go free-to-play, Ace Combat Infinity takes to the skies this week on PS3 via PSN.